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Monday, October 19, 2015


Some people doesn't know how to understand each other. In some cases, we'll wrong in understanding. We're fast in judging people and said they're kind, polite, patient and sometimes we fooled. Every person has some hiding characters. We'll know that if we always beside him/her. We'll know that too if they tell us freely. But, it's world guys. Everybody will hide their bad characters.

When travelling, we'll know any others character easily. Travelling makes people tired, happy and sometimes sad. We'll get more expression when we travelled and usually, we'll described it to another. I often travelling with my friends... From that vacation, I'll found many characters behind them. It's start from how to choose hotel, destination, transportation and way to spend our time.

Some of them are easy going, but there're more difficult too. An easy going will spend their time with nothing to loose. A difficult person will spend their time with a rush opinion and judging people. Sometimes they'll judge you too. I don't like this one frankly. Before you choose a trustworthy person, you can travel with them. I can say like that because you'll find another side of them when you're spend your time together in a long way.

Try to travel with them in difficult area and difficult activities. You can backpacker or hiking, maybe. In backpacker, you'll find sincerity and trusty reaction of your friends. You'll know who is your besties or not. You'll know who is your loyal friend or not. You'll found many things when you travelling.

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