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Monday, August 10, 2020


 Did you ever see there's a super protective parents to their children?

In this world maybe you'll see that phenomenon and for me it's a hell. We know that every parents have the good will for their children, but they don't realize that their character makes the children feel annoyed to themselves.

Helicopter parenting is a BIG NO for me and if I have children soon, I'll try to erase that from my mind. I want to give children a freedom and a responsibilities for themselves. I can say that the child who faced a helicopter parenting always feel under control and can't decide what they want to do in her life. At the end, she needs to be someone else and ignore herself. 

Maybe this person will be frustating even she never tell to you. But in fact, helicopter parenting is a hell for children and for adult who have a freak control parents. Not everyone will understand this feeling what the children feel while they are under a parent who dictate their lives. There's no right and there's no personality. You'll feel exhausted to be perfect, exhausted to be someone else. And the nightmares will be double if your parents doesn't have enough money to provide you what you want, you need to be super cute child for your parents and everyone who will treat you good if you do. 

Helicopter parenting will kill the love from the children to parents because they even can't see who is she. Why she should be in this life and for what she is exist. In her mind, she is only a perfect person to build a face of her family. No more. Everything maybe just a mask and nothing special.

So, helicopter parenting is a mess.

Let your children growth and being strong with her own strength.

Just believe in her.

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