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Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Hi everybody!!!

In this blog, again I'll share a little story of mine.
Hmm... This is not literally mine, this is story of a hero for me.

Last week, Friday (30 March 2019), a guy recommended becoma a lieutenant in his army camp.
He is my first love, even I never say I love him verbally.
I share this story to telling you that this guy is very super man in my life.

He is silent guy. Very silent. Even talk to me he will talk so formal.
Sometimes I feel funny while he is talking because of the formal words he said.
His anger is silence also. We won't know when he is angry, except we understand him.
When he was angry to people, he can throw the extreme killing words or be silence and ignore that people.

He is the most wise person in the world.
When I was young, I mean when I was children, he never say no for what I want.
Even he didn't have money, he will give the last penny he had for buy me the things I want.

And the wonderful things come together because this guy married a very clever woman I ever see.
Even she never graduated from her Senior High School because of her family economy problem at that time, she is the greatest manager I ever seen.

You can imagine how wonderful she manage everything to bring me and my sister become a best part of us. This man and this woman has a good based of see the world.
Since we were children, she always told to us that knowledge can save us.
They will do the best thing from them to made me and Yeyen got the good education in our life.

At that time mom always teach me to be brave if I'm not wrong. She always teach me to be strong enough because I am the first child of them and we don't have any boy siblings. So I have to be able protect myself and Yeyen soon, that is her wish for me.

For Yeyen, she is the last child (FYI: we, two people only). Hahaha... Since she was child, she is so special. She is our little girl till the end. But I want she become a guard for herself also. Because we never know our age. We don't know we can protect her until when. So she have to be can protect herself.

Ok, come back to my father,
He becoming lieutenant not because of his army school. He got that because of his loyalty to this country. I can say that because in army, we can got a high position by going to extra school for some level. At that time he didn't want to go because of when he go, there's a chance he will moving to another district. And it's might be worst district in the country (worst mean, in some area there's no have a good school for children and maybe no have a good public facility for family). At that time also we didn't have much money for that extra school.

People said "the effort is always true" is the right things. He will get what he used to be get.
So proud of him... Not because of that level, but because of that love he show us. Not by words, but by his actions.

And in this life, I found a guy with that character also. At age  24 years old, I found a guy who loving me not by words only. I found a similarity between them (father and this guy). The difference is the way he coming from only. But for me every human is same. Mom teach me that one since I was little girl. Every human is same, no difference. Difference come from their character, good or bad.

So I never make peoples in a box, separate them based on religion, bully them because of the colour, or friend or unfriend them because of the things they can't controlled in their life. People can't choose their parents, the place their born, the family they have,,, but they can choose become good or bad in their life. So please for all people who always separate peoples, maybe you can be human in your life because you only life once.

Batam, 3 April 2019

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