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Thursday, August 29, 2019


Project and routine work has a different. In a project, all stakeholders and resources will work to achieve a goal in certain time limits with a certain resource. Project is unique because the problem in Project A will not the same as the problem in Project B. That’s why in projects, we know about the lesson learned and benchmarking. In routine, the sample of these activities mostly like manufacturing industries. We already have work instructions and procedure which is already proved by the researcher or the expert. As long as we follow the work instruction and procedure, the damage/repair and rejected parts can be eliminated.
There are 3 major different stages for Project Life Cycle :
First is Initiating. In this phase, we will do preparation for all of the things in projects include legal documents, contract and scope and decision for the aim of projects.
Second is Do The Project : Planning, Controlling, Executing.
After initiating, we will start to do planning include Detailed Engineering Design, material preparation, work methods, and resources preparation. After planning, we will do control for all of the steps we took, control the quality, quantity, work method to assure the things up to the client's expectation. Planning, controlling and executing can come in a loop if in between there are any additional works from clients or addendum for the contracts.
Third is Closing.
After the project finish, closing all of the quality documents, and any other documents are one of important things in projects. In this stage, the contractor will start to turn over the key to the owner and the maintenance day calculation started from that time. In this phase, all of the stakeholders will state the results of the contractor’s work. Is it meet up with their expectations or no.

Here the video explain How to become a PERFECT PROJECT MANAGER.
To become a project manager, a person needs to possess some skills like  have to have a good personality as well in technical competences, contextual competences and behavioural competencies have knowledge in communication skills, organizational skills, budgeting skills, problem-solving, negotiation and influencing, leadership, team building, and Human Resources. All of this knowledge and practices of these skills will give a big impact on projects.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


1.      We can see risk as a hole on the street. And risk management is a real second chance to avoid falling to that hole. In business, risk can lead us to the biggest failure and bankruptcy. So with a risk management whole of the team will optimize the design, implement, monitor, review and continue the whole of the project process or production process based on risk approach. We can avoid the risk and minimize the impact of the risk in our assets.
2.      Risk management process should be linked to the business process because all of the damage and failure from the output will give an impact on the business process. As we know that Risk Management Frameworks contains circle from Develop, Implement, Review and Enhance this is will have the step as :
a.     Approaching the project based on context and its culture;
b.     Identify the risk
c.      Doing risk assessment
d.     Choose the risk treatment
All of those steps will need management agreement, assets from the company, support from all of the company level and will give impacts to the whole of people’s inside the business process.
Risk management also has a huge relation with business planning because of this the process needs delivery on time and some strategies to reach the project target. So, risk management takes a big responsibility to maintain all of the process going well.
3.     If you ask what is the key questions need to be answered in developing risk management framework, first of the question is “how advanced should the risk management framework be?”. This question made for checking the aim of the company and the goals of the business process in a project or manufacture industry. We know that high risk, high return. The same case will happen in business, the complex risk management framework which covers all of the parties, needs a huge amount of resources and decrease the risk more. So we need to check the requirement or interests and needs of the owner. Second question, “how effective are current risk management practices?”. From this question, we will know how deep the team applied the risk management framework in their work. This question will help us to analyze the weak of the risk management practices in a company. After we found the lack and weakness of risk management practices, then we can ask “what is the most effective and efficient way for closing that gap?”. Surely, this question should be replied by us as risk management expertise. We can reply to this question by seeing the process, documentation and fast respond of the team to handle an issue.
4.     Documentation is an important part of risk management. Documentation in risk management can be used for :
a.     Demonstrating to stakeholders about the process
b.     Providing evidence of a systematic approach to risk identification and analysis
c.      Enabling decisions or processes to be reviewed
d.     Providing a record of risks and developing the organization’s knowledge database
e.     Providing decision-makers with a risk management plan for approval and subsequent implementation
f.      Providing an accountability mechanism and tool
g.     Facilitating on-going monitoring, review and continuous improvement
h.     Providing an audit trail
i.       Sharing and communicating information
5.     Key components of risk management strategy and policy document are:
Documentation started checking the plan, follow the policy and release the procedure. Risk management expert should do checking what’s the plan from stakeholders including purposes/objectives, responsibilities each stakeholder, government arrangements and existing procedures. After checking the plan, we need to know the scope of the risk management, arrange the strategy, resources, procedures, and connect it with timing activities and roadmap for enhancement of risk management practices. The output of the risk management plan is detailed roles and responsibilities; detailed description of process steps; risk rating scales; risk reporting templates; and risk management activities.
6.     Key factors to consider when developing a risk management governance structures are :
a.     Current organizational structure and authorities
b.     The current level of understanding, appreciation, and commitment to risk management by key individuals
c.      The current level of change readiness within the organization
d.     Key types of risks faced by the organization and functions currently managing the key risks
e.     The existence of logical “risk champions” within the organization
7.     In risk management, all stakeholders need to take responsibility for applied the risk management program. Board provides direction and oversight of risk management across the organization. CEO and secretary have several responsibilities for review and update strategic risk profile, monitoring, ensure the process follows the lower-level risk, and develop a strong risk management culture. Audit/Risk Committee needs to check the process risk management going well and checking the documents. Executive and management have responsibility for establishing policies and reviewing the effectiveness of the organization’s approach to risk management including the status of major business risks. For Chief Risk Officer/Risk Manager need to check the process is going well and based on a procedure that follows the lower-level risk. Chief Risk Officer also needs to develop, enhance and implement the risk management policies, procedures, and systems. Risk owners need to designing, implementing and monitoring risk treatments. The last stakeholders are staff and contractors. Staff and contractors need to identifying risks and reporting these to the relevant risk owners and they should also manage the risks.
8.     We can capture, analyze and communicate risk related the available information by using a quantitative and qualitative parameter, making ranking or prioritization for risks, facilitate trend analysis and divide risks based on the levels. Appeared risks can choose to accept or avoid. It depends on the business strategy and the goals of the company. Decision making of risks analysis result should follow the efficiency of costs, functionality, accessibility, and scalability.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


Hai readers...

Bagi para warga kota Batam, pastinya kita sudah sering melihat berbagai aktivitas pekerjaan pelebaran jalan di kota ini. Saat ini hampir di setiap sudut kota Batam kita lihat adanya pelebaran jalan, baik itu di pusat kota maupun di pinggiran kota Batam. Pelebaran jalan yang ada di Batam tentunya merupakan tanda positif terhadap perkembangan kota Batam. Hal ini juga menandakan adanya surplus dari pembangunan daerah dari tahun ke tahun.

Namun apakah kalian menyadari bahwa pelebaran jalan yang ada di Batam sebenarnya bukan solusi dari masalah kemacetan yang terjadi di kota ini. Secara kasat mata, pembangunan pelebaran jalan pasti membawa dampak yang positif. Hanya saja di sisi lain kegiatan ini dapat menimbulkan masalah baru bagi kota yang terletak di sebuah pulau di Kepulauan Riau ini. Jika kalian lihat dari arah simpang jam menuju Ocarina, kita pasti sudah tahu bahwa ada pelebaran jalan gila-gilaan di kawasan ini.

Tapi kita perlu mewaspadai fenomena yang akan timbul dari super lebarnya jalan di Batam. Masyarakat pasti akan lebih berbondong-bondong membeli kendaraan roda 4. Bisa jadi di sebuah rumah yang dihuni oleh 4-5 orang, setiap orang akan memiliki mobilnya masing-masing. Masyarakat lambat laun akan berkembang dan pertambahan jumlah penduduk akan semakin meningkat dari tahun ke tahun. Belum lagi pendatang dari provinsi atau kota lain yang akan mencoba peruntungan nasibnya di Batam, akan menambah sesak jumlah masyarakat Batam. Belum lagi setiap orang yang menghuni Batam, secara perlahan akan memiliki kendaraannya masing-masing. Jadi kalian bisa bayangkan, bukan tidak mungkin kota kecil ini akan collaps oleh kemacetan dan polusi di sana sini. Jalan-jalan yang saat ini dibangun dengan lebar, suatu hari akan menjadi jalan yang dipenuhi kendaraan pribadi di setiap sisinya.

Kemacetan ibarat seperti orang yang mengalami obesitas. Biasanya seseorang yang obesitas akan terus mencari ukuran baju yang semakin besar dan besar setiap harinya secara perlahan. Kegiatan pelebaran jalan di berbagai sisi yang gila-gilaan ini dapat menimbulkan dampak kemacetan di masa yang akan datang jika kita tidak memberi solusi alternatif untuk menunjang transportasi warga Batam sendiri. Meskipun saat ini sudah ada beberapa bus angkutan publik di Batam, namun animo masyarakat untuk menggunakan bus ini sangat minim. Perlu adanya peran pemerintah yang lebih kreatif dalam menyediakan sistem transportasi publik yang tepat waktu, aman, nyaman dan dipercaya oleh masyarakat ramai. Tentu saja dengan biaya yang sekecil mungkin dibandingkan dengan penggunaan kendaraan pribadi.

Jika saja pemerintah kota Batam dapat mewujudkan hal ini, pastinya Batam akan menjadi sebuah kota yang sangat liveable bagi warganya. Apalagi jika ditunjang dengan fasilitas air bersih dan listrik yang memadai, bukan tidak mungkin Batam dapat menyaingi Singapura dalam berbagai segi.

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Batam, 24 Agustus 2019
Keep sharing what you think about your surroundings.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Hi everyone!!!
Welcome to my personal blog.

I'm sure you ever heard about an imaginary friend.
After 27 years of my life, I think I ever have one, precisely two persons.

This story started when I was 4-5 years old.
I believe this 2 people only imagination of mine. Because I never see them again.
And my mom never knows this family also.
At that time I was in my kindergarten school.
All of my friends were not in the same class as me.
My neighbour's kids were in higher class and lower class than me at that time.
So it's mean I don't have any friends in that school.

I tried to make friends at that time in my school.
I tried to make friends with Indri and Widya at that time.
This two peoples used to take my snacks and left one small candy for me every tea time coming.
Every time I denied that action from them, they'll insist me to give most of my snacks to them.
They were threatening me also.
One day, Indri bring her sister to school and they tried to beat me.
I was running so fast to home and scare.
It happens every time.

Their behavior scaring me. Sometimes I'm scared to go to school.
Until one day I saw a boy with his mother.
He is a very shy boy.
One time while I was playing at the park, his mother and he come to me.
She asked me to bring him play with me.

Since that time, I feel I have a friend in the school.
He talking less. His mother used to talk to me.
Oh ya, his name Alam.
He is very white with brown color hair.
His mother is also very white with black color hair.

His mother telling me that Alam's father worked in somewhere far.
I forgot about his father's job.
She said Alam also don't have sister or brother like me.
She said Alam has rabbits and cats at his home.

One day, she invited me to her home.
Alam's mother told to me getting a permit from my mom to go to Alam's home.
After school, I inform mom.
But mom didn't give me permission to go.
She said she doesn't know this Alam's family.

So I can't go to Alam's home.
Every time this Alam's mom invited me, I always said "Later I will come"

One day, in the afternoon time, my mom brings me to buy banana fry in the nearby village beside an army camp.
We cross a small road in between the farm.
In one home, I saw Alam's mother brushing Alam's hair.
In front of them have some rabbits.

After reaching the banana fry shop, I asked mom, "do you see Alam and his mom before in that home?"
Mom told she didn't see it.

The next day I meet Alam and his mother again.
We used to play on a small hill beside my classroom.
At that time another child will play in the park.

Now only I realize that :

1. Alam and his mother never play with any other child.
2. I never see Alam in the classroom or another classroom or at the row when the morning flag ceremony has.
3. I never see Alam and his mother when I was playing with another kids.
4. I never see Alam and his mother after I like to go to my father office in break time. (FYI: My father office precisely beside my school)
5. My mom never knows Alam's mother and Alam. Usually, she used to know who is the parents of my friends because we are staying in an army camp.
6. If I remember this Alam is more looks like a non-Indonesian boy because his skin is very white. His hair also brown color. His mom used to give me a sandwich bread. But I always denied because mom always told me 'don't ever eat or drink the food from a stranger'. I still consider these two people as strangers for me.

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Friday, August 09, 2019


In the morning I saw a dew
In the evening I remember a few
Time's moving so fast
Leaving a question with us

Where'd you go my heart's owner
Except in a delusion for going further
I am a girl with a red cape
Brave enough to go and escape

Oh boy who's standing beside me
We are stronger more than a lot of bees
We are similar like a payment and fee
We love each other and sweet like a cup of tea

People's love is kind of mysterious way
In the jungle which full of day
In the dessert and thrown a dust away
People's love is clear than x-ray

People's love is beautiful like a sky

Batam, 9th August 2019

Wednesday, August 07, 2019


Bagi kalian yang saat ini tergabung ke dalam sistem quality suatu perusahaan baik itu sebagai Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Inspector dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya, tentu tidak asing dengan istilah LEAN SIX SIGMA ini. Sebuah proses SIX SIGMA memiliki tingkat ketepatan 99,99966% atau jika terjadi kesalahan dalam suatu produk, produk yang salah jumlahnya 3.4 buah dari satu juta. Atau lebih tepatnya kesalahan yang di tolerir hanya 1 dari 294.000 jumlah produk yang di fabrikasi.

Adapun LEAN SIX SIGMA sebenarnya adalah gabungan dari LEAN (melakukan hal yang benar) dan SIX SIGMA (melakukan suatu hal dengan benar). Adapun tujuan dari LEAN itu sendiri adalah mengurangi limbah dengan cara meningkatkan kecepatan produksi dan mereduksi atau mengurangi biaya produksi. Sedangkan tujuan dari SIX SIGMA adalah mengurangi variasi atau lebih tepatnya mengurangi kesalahan produksi. Hal ini didasarkan pada proses produksi manufaktur, variasi adalah hal yang sangat dihindari. Adapun untuk mencapai tujuan SIX SIGMA itu sendiri biasanya akan lebih konsisten kepada kualitasnya, meningkatkan akurasi dan akan mencoba sekuat mungkin untuk tetap berada dalam rencana jadwal sebelumnya.

Pada SIX SIGMA, umumnya prosedur yang harus diikuti dikenal dengan DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)

Define : Definisikan masalah yang ada
Measure : Petakan proses yang ada saat ini
Analyze : Identifikasi penyebab dari masalah
Improve : Implementasikan dan verifikasi dari solusi
Control : pertahankan solusi

Sedangkan pada LEAN, prinsip yang harus dipegang adalah :
  1. Define Value : definisikan value atau fungsi dari suatu program
  2. Map Value Stream : petakan fungsi tersebut
  3. Create Flow : buat alur dari program/produksi
  4. Establish Pull : bangun titik tolak
  5. Pursuit Perfection : coba capai kesempurnaan

Nah, inilah sedikit keterangan tentang LEAN SIX SIGMA.

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