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Monday, February 29, 2016


It's a long time not writing here.
If this blog is an equipment in a warehouse, it'll be so tidy.

Since I moved here (Batam) I never write again like before.
Even I'm not busy, I never write. I never share anything like before.
In this post I try to sharing with you. About me. About my journey in Batam. About my new life in Batam.

I've graduated my master degree in University of Indonesia at August 2015.
Mom, dad, sister, uncle and auntie come to that ceremony.
It's a pleasure when they come and see.

After then, I stayed work in Public Ministry Works for some projects.
I stayed in Jakarta until December 2015 and last December I moved to Batam.
In Batam, I live in Sukajadi Residential. That place is a nice and calm place. I'd love that residential.

Not so many people there and not so crowded like in Jakarta.
I don't know. I just love this place.
After that, I try to propose to be a lecture in Batam University and International Batam University.
Both of that university accept me.
But I just follow up Batam University for the first time.
Head of Civil Engineering Departement major is a kind man. He tried to help me to be a lecture and wanna give me some advise. And finally he said I have to be a lecture in Fluid Mechanic and Computer Based course.

I don't know I have to be a good lecture or a scary one. But after I tried to teach them, I think they need a good one lecture. Not so strict but has a principle in her course. In my both courses I have a rule. The basic rule in my courses is no cheating or lie. If I found some cheating or lie, I'll give them a bad score.

Is it ok, right?
I think if they start to cheat in their study, they will be a not good person in future.
So, that's why I make that rule and give them some freedom about eating in class as soon as they understand the lesson and try to be a good student.

Okay, I think for this time it's enough.
I have to make some tasks again.
So, bye bye... :) 

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