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Monday, September 21, 2020

TIME is The Most Important Things in Life

 When people is busy to collecting the money or any materialistic things, they forget that they have the most important things in their life.

Ya, that's Their Time. 

They're busy in working, they're busy in gaining more profit, etc. They lost their time a lot. They are not taking care enough their surrounding, family, friends and their partner. Some people thinks that another's behaviour lied on their hard working attitude and their achievement. They are not see who is the people who can spend their precious time only for them. Sometimes this kind of things looks pathetic in this modern life. But, this is life.

Do you know, that each people in the world can have a very good ability in their life, with or without you?
Life is not just about you and you. But when they put you the first, you should think that these peoples is precious in your life. When you said that these people doesn't have another priority in life, actually they have a lot of things to do rather than your life. Several people can't open their eyes clearly about these things and abandon another's effort.

Okay, let me tell you about nowadays situations.

All people thinks that COVID stop everything. Business, travelling, etc. Being with a person who always spend their time to thinking about you is a precious. You can't ask somebody to spend their precious time for you. Most of people will choose money rather than spend their time to anothers. Several peoples will choose their career rather than spend their time with anothers. 


Life is not just about who's people is better in their talk or better in their career.

You don't even know that several people can looks so fake with their life. Acts so kind, humble, caring, religious, calm, etc. The true only comes when somebody has a feeling towards you. Maybe their reaction will be looks so over or weird. But, that is the true. Why still see the fake ones as a good one?
I don't understand this. ^_^


Do people also understand that the laugh is not only showed a real laugh.

Several people hide their sad feelings through a hard laugh.

Friday, September 11, 2020


Hi all of my blog readers...

In this post I would like to share to you about my opinion regarding studying or learning. Especially about learning new language in your life.

Don't you ever hear several people told that learning another's language is not important because they used to follow our local language? If you ever think about this, it's the time for cut off that thinking from your mind.

We are as human have a big brain and capability to learn many things in our life. We can learn anything and all of knowledge is only help us in our daily life. For example if you can speak all of the local language in the world, you can do travelling easier. You just come, pack your bag and just visit all of the countries. No need to bring extra things because you will be able to get that things if you talk to locals.

My family is coming from a small village in Kampar District in Riau Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. I've spent my life in several area, cities and villages. I can say that I saw many typical of race in Indonesia and I found all of them do have their own race language. Sometimes in my life I faced difficulty regarding language because I can't speak several language. At that time I feel so curious about what that people talked about. And I also want to know their words and topic what they were into.

Since that time I think it's better if I start studying new language slowly. I lived in Medan area for long time, around 9 years. Most of the people in that area speak in Batak language. Unfortunately I didn't know any Batam language till know. I guess that is my weakness.

After moved to Riau, specifically in Kampar District, I learn Ocu language. That is my parents language and I used to hear they speak in that language at home. So, that language is quite easy for me. After that my life is always moving around. From Kampar, Pekanbaru, Depok, Batam and maybe soon I'll moved to another place.

I believe that learning everything in our life is important. No need to be Japanese to learn their language. No need to be Parisien to learn Francais. No need to be Arabian to learn Arabic. I believe what we learn now will give a big impact in our life soon.

So, from now on I'll try to be more focus in learning several language:

1. Japanese Language

2. Francais Language (I need to re-call it)

3. Arabic Language (I used to learn it while I was in high school)


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