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Tuesday, May 08, 2018


Sometimes we see people is a very good person. Some of them is very jerk person. Some of them good inside the heart and jerk outside. And some of them are jerk inside and angel outside. Do you know, it's all because of habit.
When you saw another married couple arrounding you, you'll see they are happy, sad family, fake happy and many more. When you choose your partner in life also, you'll found the wrong person before you meet a right person. Sometimes you meet a jerk person and with you they can change become like angel. Sometimes they're very bad, whatever you try with them, you'll not found angel in every side of them.
Now in this blog I wanna talk about habit and character. Habit and character are two different thing but can cause 1 impact. Habit is coming from your circle environment, friends, family, working place, etc. Character is coming from yourself. It's pure and will be pure when you're really real person. For some people, showing angry is part of their character. Some people can't keep or hide their anger, they just release after that will forget about that. Some people just keep their anger and acting be real only. They are act as calm person and keeping hurting her feeling by herself. This typical of people is a person who doesn't have any brave. They are scare to loose and scare to be themself. Mostly people like that will have kind of organ disease because holding the temper can cause that things.
Some of people is showing their anger so bad. Some of them showing their anger just like that. And talking about character, it have a big correlation with the appearance and performance. If your partner habe bad appearance, it's still okay. If they have bad performance, beware of him/her. If they have bad habit, it's the time for you to reducing it because habit can be character.
Do you believe that baby have a bad character? Of course no.
Do you think a baby deserve to be a criminal people? Of course no.
Do you think a baby from a good family will be a good success people? Sure no.
Do you think a baby from a bad family will be a jerk? Not sure no, but beware of this.
Then, I'm not a racist people who likely to judge. I like to sharing. But sometimes the way I share my feeling will irritating people. It's happen to me many times. Only real people who loves me can adjust this things. If they really loves me they will understand I'm not fake when I share my feeling.
Some people feeling disturbance when I share my feeling to them because they really know they're different from what I expect from them. Some people so egoist to say sorry also have in this world. This kind of people sure will not accept openly talk like I do before.
My character is like this. My mom teach me how to behave when you don't like. If you really don't like just tell don't like. If you like just tell you like. Not faking smile giving for the things we don't like. But some mother maybe asking their children to care about what people say more than their feeling. That's why some people can follow the new trend and lifestyle of another people even it's wrong.
Some people thinking making bad habit is a full freedom and thinks awesome because can do that things. But for me, do bad things is a dumb. Can't adjust and should be leave that kind of lifestyle. I have many friends also who think being bad is an achievement. And I have many friends also who think that being bad only lead you to the useless life. Some people understand and some people close their ear for understanding.
Some people think they're a king or queen so can do many things what they like. Some people also have evil side in their soul, but they never wake it up.
Habit and character is different but the effect is same. But habit can change but character is eternal in your soul.

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