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Saturday, April 25, 2020


Hi everybody...
All of my blog viewers and everyone who luckily get inside this blog.

Welcome for you...

I think everybody knows about COVID19 who changed many things in this world nowadays.
These COVID19 also changes so many peoples goals in their life.
For some, these COVID19 cure them. For anothers, these COVID19 killing them.

Anyhow, these is the life. And show must go on is not make any sense in this COVID situation.
Everything stucks on some levels, and many people lost their jobs, their families, and their life also.

For me, I'm trying to be productive even I am not busy as before.
Many people start WFH a.k.a. Work From Home and try to more productive.
But I saw some funny video always in TikTok every night and some of them doing the weird things.
I guess, that is their ideas to be productive maybe.

I used to see many criminals news spread out due to this COVID19.
Government locked down the city. Some poor and middle income people being more poor and they don't have any choice for strike anothers for get their own food.
Beggars everywhere, pick pockets, thief, killers and many more.

But still, this is the world.
In this time we can see the real human being also.
If we see closely, most of the human is a selfish package of creations.

Okay, now forget about the SELFISH things.

For me, I'm trying being productive in this time by :
1. Re-check all of my work documents
First step I do to being more productive is to re-check again all of my works and some documents in my computer. I'll delete the double documents, checking foldering and many more.

2. Making YouTube Video for My YouTube Channel
I made more videos nowadays for my YouTube Channel YYY Channel. Inside this Channel you can found many things and I assure you will be more get knowledge after SUBSCRIBE it. Lol...

3. Making New Account on
I don't know this account will be long last or not. As my blog on blogspot and YouTube, I'm kinda dynamic person who do like to do an creative things in my life. So, I made account so that I can post some of my graphic design I ever made. So maybe it will remembering me with what I did in my past.

So, this is all.
See you in the next info from me, Yelna Yuristiary.

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