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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Aloha my blog readers!!!

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In this post I would like to share to you 6 comparison between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

1. QA : a managing tool, QC : a corrective tool
So QA is one of a managing tool for maintain the quality of products. QA is a system built by the company to manage their quality and will be corrected by QC.

2. QA : process-oriented, QC : product-oriented
QA contains of several process to achieve a quality goal. In other hand, QC is more product oriented.

3. QA : proactive strategy, QC : reactive strategy
QA is a proactive strategy for reduce the defects and QC is more alike reactive strategy to detect the defects. So if we apply a good QA, there's a chance we will get less defects.

4. QA : prevention of defects, QC : detection of defects

5. QA : everyone's responsibility, QC : testing team's responsibility
To applied QA, all of stakeholders need to put their own effort. For QC, the result will be depend on how the teasting team doing a test.

6. QA : performed in parallel with a project, QC : performed after the final product is ready
QA will perform from the beginning the project till the project finish. QC is a part of checking the quality of project after the products finish.

Saturday, July 25, 2020


Hi guys...

Jadi beberapa hari ini aku itu agak sibuk sama kerjaan. Yah, walaupun aku Work From Home, tapi deadline yang padat bikin aku jarang bersihin muka sebelum tidur. Biasanya itu aku langsung ketiduran pas udah capek dan keesokan harinya timbullah jerawat-jerawat di mukaku. Sebenarnya kulit aku nggak terlalu sensitif tapi kalau nggak dibersihin biasanya akan berjerawat.

Kebetulan aku punya masker kunyit dari YuriBou dan aku mulai pakai. Aku merasa masker ini manfaatnya cukup terasa apalagi kalau misalnya aku berjerawat. Biasanya setelah pemakaian pertama, jerawat yang mau meradang biasanya mulai mengering karena unsur kunyit yang ada di dalam masker ini sebagai anti-inflamasi. Selain itu, masker kunyit dari Yuribou a.k.a Maison d'Belle ini sangat bagus manfaatnya karena bahan organik dan bisa digunakan setiap hari.

Kalau masalah harga, masker YuriBou ini teramat sangat affordable karena masker ini produk lokal dan berasal dari bahan organik yang mudah dijumpai di alam. Varian masker ini ada Turmeric/kunyit, Green Tea, Lumpur/Mud, Gold dan Susu. Kalau favorit aku sebagai orang yang berjerawat, masker kunyitnya memang bagus banget. Walaupun tidak sewangi masker-masker yang lain, aku lebih prefer pakai yang organik ini. Jadi maskernya tidak pakai bahan-bahan kimia di kulit seperti parfum, dll.

So bagi kalian yang mau pesan masker ini bisa DM langsung Maison d'Belle di Instagram mereka : @maisondbelle dan @maisondbelle.batam (bagi pembeli yang berdomisili di Batam).

Kemudian, mereka juga punya akun di Shopee : maisondbelle

Ayo kita semakin cantik dengan produk organik... ^_^

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Hi guys...

This is several times I have different thought from other regarding how to spend money.
I know money is not the real things in our life, but it can caused a big disaster in our life and our mentality.
I have shown several family broke because of financial issues, the children and parents fight each other just for ancestor property, a brother kill his siblings, etc.
Lack in financial side also can hurted the children a lot when they can't fulfill their dreams. Like several parents will be angry while children wanna new pen for her school or just need a computer for writing her dreams.
That is why I have opened my eyes about this issues and always think not to put my children under that circumstances. I don't want my children feel pity of theirselves and also I want them being a person who have pride in their life.

I saw many people living under other people shadow and some of them tear their pride just to get a shade under that person's umbrella. This is a big no no for me because I always think we should have our own competency in this life. So that, we will have our own umbrella. It's okay if that is a small umbrella, at least we are living under our own.

In my life path, I found several people who saw a rich man as a high person and powerful person even their behaviour is a reckless and can't call as human being. I ever saw a woman who raised her sons with gadget only and never talked to her sons heart to heart. I saw they count people based on the money that people have and based on the status.

Sometimes in other side I saw people just come closer to you as an ant comes to sugar. As long as you give them benefits, they will come closer to you. Until now, I really aware of these kinds of person and I feel bad about them. We can't say that they are our friends or whatever. I know some of them and I just be silence watching. Sometimes I thought is not fair to be so cunning to your close peoples. Even they are closed enough to you, you don't have rights to using them. They have their own dream and they tried to reach that. In other side, you just come and destroy their plan and dreams with your ego and laziness. This is can't be tolerate.

I have some suggestions for people who think life is easy because they never face it, don't ever put your burden in other's shoulder. It is not fair for them. Just try to smart financially and never be a lazy person who dreams of popularity without a maximum efforts. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Hi guys...

In this post today I won't share anything about Civil Engineer.
I would like to share about a lonely whale.

This morning I saw a Youtube video about a whale which always making sound with high frequency. People called it by Whale 52 Hz. This whale is quite often found by a scientist and last on 2014, this whale still detected in the ocean.

Generally the whales will give a sound with frequency between 10 - 40 Hz, but this strange whale always gave the sound with frequency 52 Hz. People said that this whale can't hear so that they always giving the wrong frequency. In the ocean, whales will go with their group and because of this whales can't called his group properly, he is alone now.

When I saw a video about this whale, I just feel sad about him.
Not only human can feel the loneliness. The whale will feel the same too.
Even he is strong and powerful, he still feel lonely because can't found his group or friends.
So, when you feel lonely, maybe you can see this whale life.
He always be alone because he can't call his group.
At least we are as human still can found other person in our daily life. You can't imagine what this whale feeling because can't meet other whales in a big ocean.

This is a sad fact I just know within this morning.

This is that whale...

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Trying Make Up after 28 years

Hi my blog readers!!!

Nowadays I am in the phase of trying new things in my life.
Actually this is because on this 2 weeks my sister used to do her Make Up Character for her YouTube content and Instagram. This begin on last Monday I tried to learn how to apply make up on our face.
With her help, I mean she gave me several instruction at that time like which Make Up we can used first and which brush we have to use, I was success to apply Make Up on my face.

But, because this is my first time to apply whole make up by myself, I was wrong in putting shading in my face. I put the black brown shadow on under my cheek bones too much so that my looks in real is more uncomfort to see. At least that is what I feel.

I took several pictures about that make up and I saw the result is awesome on picture. This is several pictures I took during my Make Up Experience by myself.

 This is I made last Sunday...

 This is I made yesterday night before sleep

  This is I made yesterday night before sleep

  This is I made yesterday night before sleep

 This is I made yesterday night before sleep

How do you think?
Maybe next time I can try my own Make Up with more natural looks. ^_^

Thursday, July 02, 2020


Dear all the readers of my blog.

Nice to meet you in this awesome time, event we are on the hard times of COVID.
I believe you are all well and I hope we always be.
On this week I start my new hobbies. Yeah... That is Flower Preservation. Or you can called it by dried flower.
Sometimes I thought this is insane because I am the person who always have new things running in my mind. When somebody asked me about what is my real hobbies, I can't call it because I have so many interest in doing the things differently.

Like, in this week, beside working as general Engineer I should be, I do a hobby which is so awesome for myself. In the lunch time I went out and saw my garden full of grass. But in the middle of that grass, I found some little flower and I thought it is so beautiful.
So ya, I took it, and think to preserved it.
First of all, I think will buy a resin and make a resin art.
But I changed my mind in second and I just put that flower in between a book and press it.
In the middle of the night, I am curious how it will be and I go again, checked my flowers and press it by iron. That is like ironing my flowers.

After I saw the result, I feel so happy to see it.
That flowers looks so beautiful dry and it is so awesome and fit into a craft paper.
I have some idea to put it in frame or make a DIY card.

So, maybe soon I will make that one.
This is some pictures of my flower preservations.
I took that pics on the night time, so maybe not looks so good.

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