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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Across the Pond: A Comparative Journey through the UK and US Transportation Systems


The United Kingdom and the United States, two nations divided by an ocean, are united by a shared need for efficient transportation systems. Both countries have developed extensive networks of roads, railways, and airports to connect their sprawling landscapes. However, the approach to transportation in these two countries showcases notable differences in infrastructure, culture, and public policy. In this article, we embark on a comparative journey through the transportation systems of the UK and the US, exploring the unique features and challenges that define each.

1. Road Travel

United Kingdom: The Art of Compact Efficiency

In the UK, the road network is famed for its compact efficiency. With winding country lanes and bustling city streets, British roads often feel like a journey through history. The UK's road infrastructure is highly regulated, with a robust system of speed cameras and roundabouts to maintain safety. The iconic double-decker buses, the London Underground, and the congestion charge in the capital exemplify the focus on public transport, especially in urban areas.

United States: The Grand Scale of American Highways

In contrast, the US is a land of vast distances, and its road networks reflect this reality. American highways stretch across the continent, with an impressive array of multi-lane interstates that crisscross the country. The US is often associated with car culture, where private vehicle ownership is a rite of passage. The country's roads are emblematic of the freedom and sense of adventure that driving can bring.

2. Rail Travel

United Kingdom: Precision and Punctuality

The UK boasts a comprehensive railway network, connecting major cities and picturesque rural areas. Train travel in the UK is celebrated for its precision and punctuality. Iconic railway journeys like the London to Edinburgh route offer breathtaking views of the British countryside. High-speed trains such as the Eurostar, connecting London to continental Europe, showcase the UK's commitment to innovation in rail travel.

United States: A Mosaic of Railroads

In the US, the railway system is a vast mosaic of lines that span the country. Although passenger rail has seen a resurgence in some regions, it is still the domain of freight transportation. Amtrak, the national passenger rail service, operates several iconic long-distance routes, including the cross-country "California Zephyr" and the scenic "Coast Starlight."

3. Aviation

United Kingdom: Heathrow and Beyond

London Heathrow Airport is one of the world's busiest international hubs. The UK's aviation sector is known for its connectivity, with regional airports providing access to major global destinations. The UK's commitment to aviation infrastructure, exemplified by the expansion plans for Heathrow, reflects its role as a global business and travel hub.

United States: A Sky Full of Choices

The United States boasts a diverse range of airports, from international gateways like JFK and LAX to regional airports that serve smaller communities. The country's aviation sector is known for competition, with several major carriers vying for passengers. The vast size of the US often necessitates air travel for cross-country journeys.

4. Public Transportation and Sustainability

Both countries are actively addressing sustainability concerns in their transportation systems. In the UK, the promotion of electric vehicles and the expansion of bike lanes in major cities aim to reduce carbon emissions. In the US, initiatives such as California's High-Speed Rail project and investments in public transportation in major cities like New York and San Francisco are making strides towards a more sustainable future.


The transportation systems of the United Kingdom and the United States showcase distinctive characteristics reflective of their geography, culture, and historical development. While the UK emphasizes compact efficiency and public transportation, the US takes pride in its vast road network and car culture. Both nations are working towards sustainable transportation solutions to meet the challenges of the future. The next time you plan a journey, whether it's a road trip in the US or a scenic train ride in the UK, consider the unique transportation experiences each country has to offer.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Building The International Space Station (ISS): A Marvel of International Collaboration and Its Relevance in Today's World

 The construction of the International Space Station (ISS) stands as one of the most remarkable achievements in the history of human space exploration. This orbiting laboratory, a symbol of international collaboration, represents the pinnacle of technological innovation and cooperation between nations. This article explores the procedure behind the construction of the ISS and its relevance to current conditions, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration and its potential impact on global challenges.

The Vision for a Space Station

The idea of an international space station was conceived in the early 1980s, and discussions among various nations, including the United States and Russia, began. The project aimed to bring together the scientific and technical capabilities of multiple countries to address a wide range of scientific, technological, and engineering challenges.

International Collaboration Takes Flight

  1. Orbital Assembly: The ISS is not a single launch; it's a modular structure assembled piece by piece in orbit. This was a critical aspect of the project, with various components sent up by different space agencies, primarily NASA (United States) and Roscosmos (Russia). The orbital assembly process is ongoing, with multiple missions contributing to the station's expansion.

  2. Crewed Missions: Throughout the construction process, numerous astronauts and cosmonauts from various nations have lived and worked aboard the ISS. They conducted experiments in various scientific disciplines, such as biology, physics, and Earth sciences, which significantly advanced our understanding of these fields.

Relevance in Current Conditions

The construction of the ISS holds relevance for our world today, particularly in light of current conditions and global challenges:

  1. International Collaboration: The ISS remains a shining example of international cooperation, showing that even during the height of geopolitical tensions, nations can come together for the pursuit of common goals. In today's world, marked by various global challenges, the ISS serves as a reminder of the possibilities that exist when countries work together.

  2. Scientific Advancements: The research conducted on the ISS has yielded critical insights into areas like space medicine, materials science, and climate research. These findings have practical applications on Earth, from developing life-saving medical technologies to enhancing our understanding of climate change.

  3. Inspiration and Education: The ISS inspires the next generation of scientists, engineers, and space enthusiasts. It's a symbol of human exploration and achievement, encouraging young minds to pursue careers in STEM fields, which are crucial for addressing contemporary global challenges.

  4. Global Problem-Solving: Just as the ISS brought nations together to solve complex problems in space, it underscores the importance of international collaboration in addressing shared global challenges. Climate change, pandemics, and poverty are among the issues that require a coordinated, global response.


The construction of the International Space Station stands as a testament to the potential of international collaboration, even in the face of significant technological and political challenges. Its relevance today extends beyond the realm of space exploration, highlighting the importance of global cooperation, scientific advancements, and the inspiration it provides for future generations. As we confront pressing global issues, the ISS serves as a shining example of what we can achieve when nations work together for the betterment of all humanity.

Friday, October 27, 2023

The World's Best Interior Design: Where Dreams Meet Reality

 When it comes to interior design, the world is a treasure trove of inspiration, innovation, and creative genius. From the opulent palaces of Europe to the minimalist havens of Scandinavia, the best interior design in the world showcases the power of imagination and style. And among the rising stars in this glamorous world of design is Dream Symphony Design, a company that's been making waves for its unique approach and transformative designs.

Defining the Best in Interior Design:

The best interior design transcends the confines of four walls; it tells a story, evokes emotions, and reflects the personality of the inhabitants. It is a fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and an unrelenting commitment to excellence. The world's most revered interior designers draw from various cultural influences, architectural styles, and artistic movements to craft spaces that leave an indelible mark on the psyche.

Dream Symphony Design: A Rising Star:

Hailing from a design world rich in culture and tradition, Dream Symphony Design is making waves with its fresh take on interior design. Based on their commitment to creating harmonious and stylish spaces, they've been gaining recognition and praise for their innovative approach. The unique signature of Dream Symphony Design lies in its ability to blend modern trends with timeless elegance.

A Unique Approach:

One of the hallmarks of Dream Symphony Design's success is their unique approach to interior design. They create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply functional. Whether it's a contemporary urban loft, a classic suburban home, or a cozy countryside cottage, their designs breathe life into every corner.

Exploring Their Portfolio:

To truly understand the brilliance of Dream Symphony Design, one need only explore their portfolio. It's a journey through a world of design possibilities, from luxurious and opulent to simple and serene. Each project showcases a perfect fusion of colors, textures, and lighting, creating spaces that are not just beautiful but also practical.

Global Inspiration:

The best interior design is often a fusion of global influences. Dream Symphony Design draws inspiration from around the world, incorporating elements from various cultures and traditions. Their work resonates with the warmth of Mediterranean design, the elegance of European classics, and the sleekness of modern minimalism.

A Dream Come True:

What sets Dream Symphony Design apart is their unwavering commitment to making dreams come true. They understand that every home is unique and that every homeowner has a vision. With their personal consultations and impeccable attention to detail, they transform dreams into realities.

In conclusion, the world's best interior design is a tapestry of creativity, functionality, and global inspiration. Dream Symphony Design is a rising star in this world, weaving its unique vision into homes that tell compelling stories. With their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, they are well on their way to leaving an indelible mark on the world of interior design. In the hands of Dream Symphony Design, your dream home is just a step away from becoming a breathtaking reality.


Monday, December 26, 2022


Did you ever heard about Dispute Board?

Dispute Board is a party who will manage the dispute or lead each parties in the projects to avoid a dispute during the project execution. Dispute board can be divided become standing Dispute Board or a Dispute Board which hired after or during dispute happening in the project.

Dispute Board is one of the important party in a project especially in the international project. As we know in the international project, barrier language could be a big possible dispute in the future. Each peoples has their own mindset and their own understanding for each case. That is why, it will be more wise if during the planning, execution and closing the projects, Contractor, Consultant and the Employer hired a Dispute Board Party to secure them from any dispute in the future.

Dispute Board member should be independent and doesn't has any interest for a project party. During their contribution, Dispute Board will giving their analysis or advice about the projects in order to keep each parties from any disputes which is not good for the future of project and business development. Probably, several people will think Dispute Board is wasting money, but if you see in the bigger level, avoiding the dispute can be a win win solution for each interested parties in the projects.

Later I will deeply talk about this topic.

See you in my next post.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Aloha my blog readers!!!

Thanks again to subscribe my blog and you can subscribe my YouTube Channel : YELNA YURISTIARY too for gain several information about me and Civil Engineering.

In this post I would like to share to you 6 comparison between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

1. QA : a managing tool, QC : a corrective tool
So QA is one of a managing tool for maintain the quality of products. QA is a system built by the company to manage their quality and will be corrected by QC.

2. QA : process-oriented, QC : product-oriented
QA contains of several process to achieve a quality goal. In other hand, QC is more product oriented.

3. QA : proactive strategy, QC : reactive strategy
QA is a proactive strategy for reduce the defects and QC is more alike reactive strategy to detect the defects. So if we apply a good QA, there's a chance we will get less defects.

4. QA : prevention of defects, QC : detection of defects

5. QA : everyone's responsibility, QC : testing team's responsibility
To applied QA, all of stakeholders need to put their own effort. For QC, the result will be depend on how the teasting team doing a test.

6. QA : performed in parallel with a project, QC : performed after the final product is ready
QA will perform from the beginning the project till the project finish. QC is a part of checking the quality of project after the products finish.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Perbedaan Nilai Index of Continuity dan Drop Test pada Block Integrity Armour Stone

Hai teman-teman semua...

Pada postingan ini aku mau cerita tentang sedikit perbedaan antara Index of Continuity dan Nilai Drop Test pada Armour Stone. Oke jadi untuk istilah-istilah yang berbahasa Inggris disini aku jelaskan secara tidak langsung saja ya.

Oke, jadi Block Integrity itu lebih kepada ketahanan dari armour block dari crack ketika armour stone atau armour block ini dijatuhkan. Maksudnya disini begini, jadi kan dalam pembangunan breakwater atau bangunan coastal lainnya itu ketahanan dari armour stone atau kalau bahasa Indonesia-nya itu batu-batu gede yang ada di tepi laut itu kan sangat penting. Secara nantinya batu-batu itu akan terhempas gelombang air laut yang biasanya itu sangat besar. Jadi perlu adanya ketahanan dari batu-batu yang besar itu. Nah untuk penilaiannya di internasional itu istilahnya dikenal dengan nama Block Integrity.

Untuk menilai Block Integrity itu umumnya orang-orang memakai test drop atau test dimana batu itu dijatuhkan dari ketinggian 3 m ke bawah dan disambut oleh batu-batu lainnya. Nah, pada test drop ini biasanya akan diketahui nilainya tuh. Adapun peraturan internasionalnya itu biasanya mengikuti aturan dari CIRIA SP83.

Namun, di tahun 1989, LCPC itu mengeluarkan test report yang menyatakan bahwa sebenarnya Block Integrity itu juga bisa dilihat dari nilai Index of Continuity-nya. Jadi itu pengambilan value dari Index of Continuity lebih berdasarkan kecepatan suara/sonic velocity. Jadi itu testnya lebih menggunakan alat, dimana alat itu bisa mendeteksi crack yang ada di dalam stone itu sendiri. Nah untuk Index of Continuity itu biasanya nilainya semakin besar akan semakin baik. Untuk nilai ini, biasanya peraturan internasional akan mengacu kepada EN Standard 13383.

Tetapi, dalam pemakaian nilai drop test dan Index of Continuity ini sebenarnya ada kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing-masing. Jadi kedua test ini dapat digunakan berbarengan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal. Hanya saja, nilai Index of Continuity ini tidak terlalu relevant karena crack pada stone itu bisa saja terjadi beberapa hari setelah waktu blast dari armour stone ini. Jadi crack bisa saja terjadi setelah si batu ini diletakkan/disusun di tepi pantai karena crack bisa dipengaruhi oleh water saturation dari air laut itu sendiri.

Nah, Manual Rock yang biasanya dipakai oleh engineer nih, merekomendasikan untuk kita menggunakan test drop untuk melihat Block Integrity dari Armour Stone kita.

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Hi all my log readers...
Maybe you remember last time I post about my Kaizen activities target.
Believe me, it's quite bit hard to follow that one for me. At early stage I'm feeling so excited to start. But that feeling was faded slowly and left behind. Now, again I saw myself and I feel a little bit guilty because already made a bad commitment to do some KaiZen activities.

As a human, I again want to try. At least I still have hope to be better daily. ^_^

Okay. In this post I would like to share about what kind of jobs, the Civil Engineering students can get after they finished their study.

1. Work in Construction Sector
This is sure. All of Civil Engineer student can work in construction sector. You can be Employer, Engineer or Contractor in every side of Construction sector. Depend on your path, where you will go. If you joined in contractor sector, you will see the field more than Employer can see. I mean, in your daily life might be you will face several problem which it can develop yourself to be more experience in construction field. If you become Engineer, or sometimes we called as consultant group, you can learn more and sometimes you need to be advance in design. You should know more and more. There's no time for saying I don't know because consultant is like a bridge between Employer and Contractor.

2. Being Analyst at Bank
If you like to study about investment analysist in your college before, maybe you will be a good member for an analyst in the bank or some investment office. I mean you will decide how big the effect of your money to a project. This is not only construction project. You can decide which bussiness will being good based on your investment analysist and financial analysist.

3. Being Investment Analyst for Property Sector
These kind of job is almost same like being analyst at bank. Being an investment analyst for property company made you can decide which step that company need to take for gaining more profit. It is all based on the ROR or MARR you can choose.

4. Work in Manufacture Company
If you have a big interest in Project Management or Quality, maybe working in manufacture company is not a big issues for you. Work in manufacture has a little bit difference with work in project site. In manufacture, mostly you need to apply Value Engineering to increase your optimize your Life Cycle. In project, you need to solve the problem which is more not typical from one to anothers.

5. Work in Oil and Gas Company
In Oil and Gas Company, they need Civil Engineer also as their facility and maintenance people. They need structural engineer too for help them to design their platform. All of their platform need Structural Designer to making sure their operation will not failed in the middle.

6. Open your Own Bussiness
This is all people can do is, STARTING YOUR OWN BUSSINESS. Being a Civil Engineer will help you to manage everything better because you will have the good logical thinking based on the practical phase.

7. Work in Hotel
In hotel, they need Facility Engineer to making your all of building systems working well.

8. Become A Lecturer
If you are the person who likely to share to others, you can be a lecturer. You can teach the next Civil Engineer.

9. Become A Tutor for Some Skilled Courses
This is same like in point 8.

10. Work in Airport
You can work in airport as engineer. You can make schedule for the flight or do some engineer's work there.

11. Work in Marine Company
Marine company work in many port and coastal area. Of course they will need you as civil engineer for doing some marine activity like dredging, reclamation, etc.

So, there's many ways to applied your skill or knowledge in this world. All based on your wish and your path.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Financial Investment Analysis in Conceptual Design Kali Besar Restoration Project Based on Benchmarking Process in Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project

Abstract Research Plan

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which is located in the northern Java. Jakarta is divided into five sections and has a population about 10 million people. The city is the most popular in Indonesia and has the rate of growth of urbanization. The history of the city began with the small city, called Batavia or Jayakarta. The old city (Batavia) is located in the north of Jakarta as a center of Dutch Colonial in pre-independence time. In this region there is a river that has the function as center of city and transportation hub of human activity. However, because of the population growth in Jakarta and urbanization increasing of the city, this area is becoming congested and polluted.
The biggest problems facing Jakarta besides flooding and congestion is pollution of water bodies. From 13 rivers in Jakarta, there is no one worthy as raw water source. One of rivers that no longer have a function as a body of water and raw water provider is Kali Besar. Long times ago, this river used to be inland waterways in Jakarta. But, it change after people evolve urbanization paradigm.
On the other hand, the government has a plan to improve the city and reduce pollution. One of the chosen path is the restoration of Kali Besar River which is the source of the city's history. Lack of budget funds make the implementation of this project stunted and not optimal. Based on these problems, the authors find solutions to attract investors to finance construction work in that project. Investment feasibility analysis will be carried out in Kali Besar restoration project. Value of the investment feasibility analysis will be obtained by using the method Life Cycle Cost, Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
Feasibility analysis research done by applying a comparative study between Kali Besar Restoration Project (Jakarta) and Cheonggyecheon Restoration (Korea). Author choose Cheonggyecheon as benchmarking project because it has function and problem identic with Jakarta.

Special Purpose

Looking at the problem from Jakarta City and its development, this research has a spesific purpose:
a.       Knowing the investment analysis of river restoration project in Conceptual Design River Kali Besar Restoration program (with methods IRR and NPV value).
b.      Knowing Cheonggyecheon River Restoration History as a best benchmarking which applied the same project.

Importance of Research Planned

This research is very important because it gives solution in Indonesia and some other countries are experiencing the same problem (water polluted). Most developing countries are still have major problems such as environmental pollution and city planning. This research is important to provide a solution and settlement overview of the urban planning activities, like a restoration project. River restoration can provide flood protection function (Hwang K. Y., 2004) and measuring the rate of water flow (Park, 2007). River restoration aims to improve the quality and function of rivers and to restore the to support healty and thriving ecosystems. Improved landscapes and views of waterways can increase property values by between 6-8% (TCPA, 2005). Life Cycle Cost Analysis is the important thing to develop investment feasibility to build this project in Indonesia.

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