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Saturday, July 27, 2019


Today I see the video from Dr. Zakir Naik regarding why God created us as a human. One of the guy asking this kind of questions to him.
I also have a question, maybe somebody can help me to answer that.

1. God created all of human as a new person. Before we was born, we have an agreement with God, will we become a human or not. The thing is, if we can choose we can become human or not, why we can't choose we will become good human or a bad human? Who decide us to be good man or bad man? If we can choose also, why we can't choose about our path?

2. Dr. Zakir Naik told that human have instinc. How about the animal? Will they going to heaven or hell? And how about some animal which some religion doesn't like it? Like in moeslem there's snake. What will this kind of animal spirit feel after they die?

3. Einstein told that there's an energy can't vanish and can't create. But it can convert to another form. How about our spirit? Do you ever think how much spirit in this world? Where they go? Sometimes the story regarding end of life not make any sense to me. I'm confusing if re-think about that.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


I don't know I am a liberal person or not. One thing I know is everybody in this world is same.
We are human and we are same. We can not say that human is better than animal, human is better than plants or any other selfish things we tell.
I admit that human have logically thinking with their brain. Maybe some animal don't have that keen thinking ways. But it doesn't meant that human is the best.
If we see in the newspaper or TV, so many human kill their child, their parents, their husband/wife, or everybody they should love. Even animals not doing that kind of things.

So, as I said. Human is human only.
From today maybe I'll tell you about whatever I think in my life.
For all of my opinion, I hope you won't be angry even we have different way of thinking.
As I said. We are same.

So please stop divide us by race, religion, country, colour and everything which is the simple things in life.
Black people can be white people.
Everyday have people changes their religion.
And race is depend on where you birth or who's your parents.
But we are all humans.

So we need show the world that we are better than others.
We tell the world that we have a big heart for loving each other.
We tell the world that differences doesn't matter.
Because differences made us become more colorful.
So the world won't be a boring places with monoton template everywhere.
In my thinking, that is the function of difference in the world.

How do you think?

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