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Friday, November 25, 2022

Non-conformance for Quality Management System Based on ISO 9001

This is one of the Quality Management System series class which will lead you to understand the concept of non-conformance report in a project or any manufacture activities. In this course, you will learn about the meaning of conformance and non-conformance, including the type of non-conformance.

As per type of non-conformance, there are major non-conformance and minor non-conformance. Instructor will give you the sample of each non-conformance.

This course including the process of non-conformance from the identity the violation based on ISO 9001 or any other requirements in the organization or projects, until closing the non-conformance itself.

This course is really important for a Quality Engineer or any staffs who related with the compliance section in the company. By learning the non-conformance, you will be able to identify the non-conformance which might be happens in your daily activities.

Controlling non-conformance is a very important point as well to reach the company objectives and satisfy the client.

Instructor tried to use the easy words in delivering knowledge about this course and you are welcome to laying your querries to instructor directly at the end of the course.


Guidelines for Audit Management System Based in ISO 19011

 This course will help the participants to understand the meaning of audit and several terms in auditing, principles of audit and step to conducting audit management systems. First stage of this course will explain several terms in auditing process. Participants or students will understand the major audit principles, how to develop audit plan and audit program. Instructors serve the difference between ISO 19011:2011 and ISO 19011:2018.

This course will explain step by step in conducting the audit which is contains of:

  • Initiating audit

  • Preparing audit activities

  • Conducting audit activities

  • Preparing and distributing audit report

  • Completing audit

  • Conducting audit follow up

This course will explain the type of audit management system which conducted in an organization or company. Audit competencies is also part of the explanation in this course. All related terms and explanation about audit findings and observations will give more knowledge to participants or students in learning Quality Management System, especially relating audit. After this course, hopefully participants or students will be able to join the Audit Exam and continue to the auditing process in their organization.


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