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This website is a valuable resource that presents a wealth of professional experience and the unique point of view of Yelna Yuristiary. Yelna generously shares her insights, knowledge, and expertise, with the hope that readers can use the information to enhance their own understanding, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals.


This page is contains of several words I ever think. I am suppossed to write in here, so that soon if I am not in this world, people can still remember my thoughts. ^_^

- The biggest enemy of you is yourself. They can kill you with silence and without poison. (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

- Believe in something is not a wrong things. People who taken advantage of that is a wrong. (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

- In life, you can't choose your destiny but you can choose your path (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

- Having friends is a bless. Having a best friends is a miracle. (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

- Since I was kid, I have my imagination as my friend. When I was small kids, they are real. After I became adult, they are hiding behind all of artificial dreams. (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

- I know some peoples will talk behind us because they have their own brain to think. They are not borrowing us. (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

- Last 2019 and 2020, COVID19 was started and it changes worlds a lot. It makes people realize that life is simple as staying alone and survive to life. (Yuristiary, 03/07/2020)

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