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Saturday, February 15, 2020


Once upon a time, there’s a poor family with their wonderful daughter. This family living in a small hut inside the forest. Their daughter named is Syahlah. Syahlah’s father works in the forest to make a piece of equipment to catch the birds and Syahlah’s mother used to help him for farming and collect some gemstone from the cave. Syahlah grows as a curious girl who does like asking anything to their parents. And her parents are very supportive people in the world. They used to teach Syahlah about anything they know. They teach Syahlah about how to living in the forest, how to hunt, how to get a rubber, how to make a  hut, how to cook, how to get over from the sickness, how to heal herself even there’s nobody surrounding her. They teach Syahlah mostly everything.
Sometimes, Syahlah’s father buys a book for her when he visiting the city. He used to get a second-hand book which is not so popular by people. At that time, most people like to entertain themselves by reading a comic, novel or storybook. They don’t like science book and some history books. They think that the book is difficult to read and a little bit heavy for their brain. They just read a book which makes them enjoy while reading.
Syahlah and father used to go to the second-hand book store and she will stay over there while her father selling the gemstone or some equipment to catch the birds. In Syahlah place, there are so many birds and people like eating birds. They said birds have more protein and taste better. They used to put a bird catcher in their garden or on top of their home and the next day there’s some small birds inside.
People in this city are so addicted in gemstone too. Their favorite is aquamarine gemstone because they believe it can bring them to the prosperous life. Many fortune teller hiding in this city and told a story to some people about some of gemstone. And most people in this city believe in that.
Syahlah grow day by day far from any cheap gossip from the city. She doesn’t have any friends except her parents. She used to be alone every day but she is happy with that. She found herself and feel enjoy do anything by herself. Sometimes she will talk to her mom about anything she found. They used to share their story each other every day and from what her mother see, they decide to send Syahlah to a kingdom.
Two days ago they know a King open an opportunity to everybody for becoming a teacher for palace district. This people will filtered by an exam and whoever choosed to be teacher will be stay in palace and have a duty for teaching everyone in palace. Syahlah’s mother know her daughter love to share her ideas and addicted in knowledge. She believe in palace there’s a huge library and sure Syahlah will be happy every day surrounding the books. She is a dreamer and she needs more knowledge to built her dream big and bigger.
After all, Syahlah joins that exam and as we guess, she is in. She becomes a teacher in palace and stay in palace area. She stays close to library and a big room for practicing the knowledge. We called it as laboratory now.
Day by day Syahlah become a very good teacher in the palace. She already read all of the books in the library and the end of the time, she asked to the king, if there’s any other books remaining in the palace.
“Your Majesty, I have read all the books inside palace’s library. I just curious if there’s any other books in this palace. As I know this kingdom is very big and I believe we have another knowledge we should know and I should teach to our people”
The King saw the sky a little time, see his Queen who is busy with her own thinking about the flowers she has and then he said,
“Our ancestor have a library deep under one of this palace building. If you know where is that building, you can go there and read whatever you want”
Syahlah thinking hard about that statement. She think how can the King doesn’t easily let her go there. Why she should found another people’s ancestor legacy hint. But because of she is a curious girl, she tried to find it and finally she found it was under the Queen’s glass house building. After she told that to the King, King looks like so confuse.
In another side he know that the Queen will be so angry if she know people will demolished her garden to find the old library room. But in another side, King want his son, which is Prince Siru become a great King in future which is will affected by the lessons he get from his teacher. As a wise King, then they decide to demolished Queen garden for knowledge’s sacrifice.
In this Kingdom, the most wise person is King. Nobody can replace him as a wise-man. But unlucky his Queen is not so wise like him. His Queen only think about gold, flower, wonderful dress, or another artificial things. And how about their son, Prince Siru? These Price is a combination between 2 people. In other side, Prince Siru is a kind boy. But in another side he is an unstable person. He likes candy too much even candy is not good for his health. But in other side, he used to following whatever his father told to him. Even sometimes he forgot it after found his happiness.
After 1 week demolished Queen’s garden, King replaced it with a new beautiful garden full of beautiful flower and a big water pond. People can see the flower from inside the small boat from the water. King made a very beautiful garden with the help from Syahlah as designer of the garden.
One month after, Syahlah already finished with her garden project and return to her old library. She is so happy to find a huge library with old sculptures inside the King’s ancestor room. She found so many new point of view of the world. And one thing which attract her attention is a space and time book. That is a huge book with so many practicing about space and time research. And in the middle of the book, Syahlah found that they can become an unbreakable kingdom if they can see the future.
The next day, Syahlah come back to King palace and told about her discovery. She told everything to the King and King told her to make the equipment for empower his kingdom soon. Syahlah invite her parents and some of teachers to help her to finish that equipment. She need her parents to share her point of view every day and giving her inspiration. She knows that her mother is a good listener for her and her father is a good support system for her mother. So she needs both of them.
Day by day, month by month until year by years, finally they can finish that project. And for launching they send a maid to the future and he returns back as he is inside that tools. He told everything what he saw in future and he is recommend that tools work so easily and make him see another point of view of the world.
At that time, Prince already being 18 years old. He is mature enough to go for seeing another new world. Actually Syahlah also want to go there, but she should stay in the Kingdom for making sure the maintenance of the tools if something bad happen. So she only can send people and taking back that person as long as they keep another equipment with themselves in future.
So at that day, Prince Siru go to the future world. King and Queen is very sad and remind him to come back safely. They said to Prince to come back whatever happen because this Kingdom need him to grow. They gave the Prince a lot of gold for his expenses in the future world. But they forget to giving him enough knowledge and they just insist Syahlah to send their children even Syahlah already warning them to postpone the process. Syahlah just want to making sure that Prince Siru’s addiction in candy already gone because she doesn’t know what’s in the future. But from the story of the maid before, he told in future life, everything is very easy for him. He doesn’t need do many things as now.
And, the end, they send Prince Siru to the future world. They send this Prince in a huge Kingdom as a part of Kingdom itself. Once Prince Siru reach there, he is very happy because of the modern room he got over there. But unlucky, there’s so many choices of candy, sweet cotton, chocolate and ice cream surrounding him and it makes him deny himself to go back. He throw another space and time tools with him. Then Syahlah, King and Queen can not trace back Prince Siru. Prince Siru is gone for an artificial things which is they can make soon in their real kingdom. He is okay lose his family, his own kingdom and everything just for a ton of candy. Until today, people remember this Prince as Candy Prince. 

By : Yelna Yuristiary


I am made by myself from 1000 years back
From the cycle of genetic full inside a pack
From the happiness and tears
From the ego and fears

I am made by them
Who judge me like I always being same
Who disobey my wish and my dream
Who do like to see something based on an achievement

Don't you think world is big
We are only the tiny one but spesific
We have hope in this arena which always chaotic
And will be end with the sense of patriotic

You and me, include them is only a dust
A super tiny object who like to moving in a rush
Who always thinking bigger than ourself
And soon it makes us lose the respect

Now I can say I hate these view
Now I can say I hate these rule which is new
Now I can say that I am free
There's no you or them can take it from me

I'd like to wrote a poem. And you can found my another English Poem on :

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