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Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Did you ever feel that you're not happy enough because of someone else?

Did you ever feel angry and got a very bad temptation to spit a bad words to other just because they are not doing what you used to ask them?

Actually these kind of problem is not the other people's problem. This is your problem in your life. Because you put a high hope and expectation to them and you'll ended up with what they do to you. If you never put a hope or expectation, you'll feel more content with yourself.
These kind of knowledge I got from my entire life. Not coming from the book or classroom. This kind of philosphy comes from the long journey of my life. The happiness, sad, anger and empty feeling teach me that what we feel will depend on how big we put any expectations to others.

Do you know why mother's love is always bigger than anything in this world? Yeah... They never put any expectations to their children. They never expect their children to pay their effort or giving them something. That is why they always can give without asking.
I realize in this big world, many people expecting something from the others. I will not looking for a very huge sample. Just look around yourself and you can see several people going with the others just because of countable things like materialistic things. Sometimes you'll see a girl dating a boy because of something, or vice versa. Many things happen in life and only us know well what we are thinking.

I always have an intention to keep my pride, so that I never do something which will hurt that. For example, I never go dating a people just because their wealth or any physical things. Because if I go with that kind of thinking, it will hurt my pride a lot. I'll do what I like and what I love. That's all. 

But the things I'm difficult in control now is to handle my expectation with the others achievement. For example, I expect somebody will do their job based on our target, then once they failed to do that, I'll feel not happy. Actually, these kind of issue should not be exist in my life. I need to be clear about what I can reach and which I can't. No need to consider anybody achievement even we are in team. Just focus on ourself and see us and ourself only. It will be better for our next improvement as a human being.

Nowadays, I tried to handle these kind of thinking.

If I don't like somebody, then I just leave it. No need argue why like this and why it's like that. No point to arguing and explaining the things which is already fixed on their mind. Just move away and do what we like. That's more precious rather than arguing un-necessary things.

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