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Monday, December 09, 2019


Hi all readers of my blog.
Welcome for you, who is the first time visiting this blog.

I'd like to inform you about what I feel nowadays about 'feeling freedom'
Some people told that freedom is free to do what you want to do.
Some people told that freedom is enjoying things you like even it's wrong.
Day by day I understand that freedom is not only freedom in acts.
Freedom is inside our mind.
Even the peoples are in prisons also can feel free.
We just need some of hobbies and time to make ourself feel free in this world.
Like me, I do like writing and talking.
Maybe I can consider it as my hobby and it makes me feel joyful everyday.

Every morning before going to work I used to talk to my mom around 1 hour or 1/2 hour.
We talked many things.
After work, on the way to home I again called her and again talk long time.
Usually after work I'm not going anywhere.
Sometimes I go out for dinner but mostly I'll order from GO-JEK and eat at home.
If I'm not call my mom I used to write whatever I feel inside a diary.
Anger, sad, happy, all I wrote on that diary.
Sometimes I angry to people but can't talk to them about what I feel, I wrote on that one.

Maybe that diary is a rubbish can, a treasure box and a bucket of memories.
But whatever I feel I starting wrote on that.
Sometimes I listening some music or some instruments.
Sometimes I made video on my Youtube Channel : YYY Channel
Sometimes I cooking
Sometimes I just lay on bed and watch movie from my computer
And I feel free for that even physically I just at home.

For some peoples free is going out with friends
Do what societies think it's wrong
Do whatever our norm deny
But for me freedom is enjoy my time just for myself

Some people doesn't understand that everyone need their own time every day
Our life is not just for serve another people
In 24 hours, at least we need time 30 minutes to 1 hour just for do the things we loved, without interferring so much from another people
As long as we posted the good things and give a good impact for society, it's a good things
And that is we need in our life
Some times for ourself
The free mind without another people interfering
And understanding of the situation

This is heard easy but so difficult on practical
Sometimes we only think about ourself (if we are on couple relionship)
Sometimes we only think about our sacrifice without thinking what others people already done for us

Our ego closed it out and ruin everything
If we can be more wise to see from another people view, we will understand better
And we will always free in our life
:) :) :)

So, enjoy your life with your own mind, hobbies and the best of you

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