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Wednesday, December 02, 2020


 Hi everyone who loves travelling.

I believe some of you ever heard about Sumatera Island which located in Indonesia. Sumatera is an island which located in west Indonesia. Sumatera has a very big rainforest area and tropical jungle. In Sumatera you can found so many vegetation and a rare vegetation like the giant flower is exist in this island. I came from Sumatera Island, especially Riau Province. In my province, you can easily find a wild animal if you visiting the jungle/forest nearby. Even in the village farm, several times people found a bear on that area.

If you like to visit Sumatera, the first thing you should do is making friendship with the local. Having local friend is a good thing to avoid you from a scammer and they can guide you to find several hidden gems in this island. Okay, let me explain to you several tips in bullet point.

1. Find a local friend

Find a local friend sometimes being difficult because several people not talk in English. If you have local friend, they will bring you the iconic things in that area. Especially if they comes from villages, they will know the exact place which maybe a hidden gems in your perspective. Why I say about perspective? Because for us, Sumatera people, going to the forest is quite ordinary. Facing the snake nearby home, lizard nearby the river or even crocodile, is common here. In Sumatera, most of the river is a deep river. Believe me or not, in that river, there're million big entities from crocodile, snake or big fish. 

Last time in our village farm, my parents found a big phyton (with upper leg size of fat people). This is common here.

2. Stay in local accomodation

If you have local friend, it's very easy to stay in local accomodation. It's very good to stay in the village area, especially if they have home nearby the ricefield or jungle. The smell of village is very awesome. You'll feel calm. In the village area, usually in the morning time it won't be very difficult to find your breakfast. Usually they will prepare lontong (rice cake with coconut sauce), sate (rice cake, chicken and curry sauce) or pecal (mix rice cake and vegetable with peanut sauce). This kind of breakfast is quite easy to find in Sumatera, especially in the village area.

3. Be kind and humble (not be arrogant)

This is the first point to going well with Indonesian. Don't ever be arrogant. Just giving them smile and simple talk is enough to make them as your friend. We are Indonesian is like to smile even to stranger. It's mean that we are welcoming everyone in our country. Once there's a people who doesn't like to giving smile back, we can consider them as not humble or arrogant person. As simple as that. Even on the train, several people can talk freely to stranger even they never know each other before. I can say that Indonesian people is a friendly person.

4. Prepare your local currency

This is a must. In Sumatera island, only in the big cities you can found money changer. Even in some cities, the money changer is very rare. So you need to prepare your local currency (Rupiah) in advance. But you must be careful to keep it.

5. Took some insect repellant

Sumatera has a tropical climate, so that mosquitos will growth rapidly. You need to prepare insect repellant and be save from mosquitos bites. You also can consume some vegetables like papaya leaves (by boiled it and eat with rice and sambal). Papaya leaves will make our blood bitter and mosquitos hates it. That is what I learn from my father. He was an army in Indonesia and he teach me how to survive in the jungle sometimes.

6. Bring your raincoat and waterproof boot

Due to rainy season, it's a good things to bring your raincoat and waterproof boot. If you have chance to visiting ricefield, then waterproof boot is a good things for you. 

7. Just enjoy the wild life

Just enjoy your travelling in Sumatera. Sometimes it will become wild and sometimes it will be okay. You can visiting the mountain, river and lake if you visiting Sumatera. 

Friday, November 13, 2020


Even we are not living in an old time, there's several people who are really care about what others doing in their life.

I saw these kind of people sometimes and make me really feel uncomfort. I am the person who like to avoid such a mess and everything who is not good for my life. That is why I'll choose the place where I stay and work which is very comfortable for me. I intend to avoid all of kind dramas in life and leave peoples who loves them. For me living is simple as that. Life is not for impress the others with what you have. Life for me is more your own comfortable stage. Once you reach that level, I believe some narrow minded people will think that you're weird.

For some people, they intend to living in a calm place, not working and just sitting at home and even not doing anything unless just playing their phone with non-productives activities. The things are when they tried to compare their life by us, by saying that they are a family people who intend to stay close with family, in my mind I am not sure with that.

Maybe they are just simply lazy by doing nothing and sitting at home.

For me actually these kind of things is doesn't matter to me. But, once they try to disturb my life by their comments, at that time I feel pity on them. 

Everyone has their own choice in their life and each people doesn't have any right for judging.

Just take care your own life and try not to be burden to the people you called 'family' is the real love form. Being burden and still said that you love your family?
So, just be silent and be nice to a man-kind existance surrounding yourself.

So, you all my readers, how do you think?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Did you ever feel that you're not happy enough because of someone else?

Did you ever feel angry and got a very bad temptation to spit a bad words to other just because they are not doing what you used to ask them?

Actually these kind of problem is not the other people's problem. This is your problem in your life. Because you put a high hope and expectation to them and you'll ended up with what they do to you. If you never put a hope or expectation, you'll feel more content with yourself.
These kind of knowledge I got from my entire life. Not coming from the book or classroom. This kind of philosphy comes from the long journey of my life. The happiness, sad, anger and empty feeling teach me that what we feel will depend on how big we put any expectations to others.

Do you know why mother's love is always bigger than anything in this world? Yeah... They never put any expectations to their children. They never expect their children to pay their effort or giving them something. That is why they always can give without asking.
I realize in this big world, many people expecting something from the others. I will not looking for a very huge sample. Just look around yourself and you can see several people going with the others just because of countable things like materialistic things. Sometimes you'll see a girl dating a boy because of something, or vice versa. Many things happen in life and only us know well what we are thinking.

I always have an intention to keep my pride, so that I never do something which will hurt that. For example, I never go dating a people just because their wealth or any physical things. Because if I go with that kind of thinking, it will hurt my pride a lot. I'll do what I like and what I love. That's all. 

But the things I'm difficult in control now is to handle my expectation with the others achievement. For example, I expect somebody will do their job based on our target, then once they failed to do that, I'll feel not happy. Actually, these kind of issue should not be exist in my life. I need to be clear about what I can reach and which I can't. No need to consider anybody achievement even we are in team. Just focus on ourself and see us and ourself only. It will be better for our next improvement as a human being.

Nowadays, I tried to handle these kind of thinking.

If I don't like somebody, then I just leave it. No need argue why like this and why it's like that. No point to arguing and explaining the things which is already fixed on their mind. Just move away and do what we like. That's more precious rather than arguing un-necessary things.

Monday, September 21, 2020

TIME is The Most Important Things in Life

 When people is busy to collecting the money or any materialistic things, they forget that they have the most important things in their life.

Ya, that's Their Time. 

They're busy in working, they're busy in gaining more profit, etc. They lost their time a lot. They are not taking care enough their surrounding, family, friends and their partner. Some people thinks that another's behaviour lied on their hard working attitude and their achievement. They are not see who is the people who can spend their precious time only for them. Sometimes this kind of things looks pathetic in this modern life. But, this is life.

Do you know, that each people in the world can have a very good ability in their life, with or without you?
Life is not just about you and you. But when they put you the first, you should think that these peoples is precious in your life. When you said that these people doesn't have another priority in life, actually they have a lot of things to do rather than your life. Several people can't open their eyes clearly about these things and abandon another's effort.

Okay, let me tell you about nowadays situations.

All people thinks that COVID stop everything. Business, travelling, etc. Being with a person who always spend their time to thinking about you is a precious. You can't ask somebody to spend their precious time for you. Most of people will choose money rather than spend their time to anothers. Several peoples will choose their career rather than spend their time with anothers. 


Life is not just about who's people is better in their talk or better in their career.

You don't even know that several people can looks so fake with their life. Acts so kind, humble, caring, religious, calm, etc. The true only comes when somebody has a feeling towards you. Maybe their reaction will be looks so over or weird. But, that is the true. Why still see the fake ones as a good one?
I don't understand this. ^_^


Do people also understand that the laugh is not only showed a real laugh.

Several people hide their sad feelings through a hard laugh.

Friday, September 11, 2020


Hi all of my blog readers...

In this post I would like to share to you about my opinion regarding studying or learning. Especially about learning new language in your life.

Don't you ever hear several people told that learning another's language is not important because they used to follow our local language? If you ever think about this, it's the time for cut off that thinking from your mind.

We are as human have a big brain and capability to learn many things in our life. We can learn anything and all of knowledge is only help us in our daily life. For example if you can speak all of the local language in the world, you can do travelling easier. You just come, pack your bag and just visit all of the countries. No need to bring extra things because you will be able to get that things if you talk to locals.

My family is coming from a small village in Kampar District in Riau Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. I've spent my life in several area, cities and villages. I can say that I saw many typical of race in Indonesia and I found all of them do have their own race language. Sometimes in my life I faced difficulty regarding language because I can't speak several language. At that time I feel so curious about what that people talked about. And I also want to know their words and topic what they were into.

Since that time I think it's better if I start studying new language slowly. I lived in Medan area for long time, around 9 years. Most of the people in that area speak in Batak language. Unfortunately I didn't know any Batam language till know. I guess that is my weakness.

After moved to Riau, specifically in Kampar District, I learn Ocu language. That is my parents language and I used to hear they speak in that language at home. So, that language is quite easy for me. After that my life is always moving around. From Kampar, Pekanbaru, Depok, Batam and maybe soon I'll moved to another place.

I believe that learning everything in our life is important. No need to be Japanese to learn their language. No need to be Parisien to learn Francais. No need to be Arabian to learn Arabic. I believe what we learn now will give a big impact in our life soon.

So, from now on I'll try to be more focus in learning several language:

1. Japanese Language

2. Francais Language (I need to re-call it)

3. Arabic Language (I used to learn it while I was in high school)


Monday, August 10, 2020


 Did you ever see there's a super protective parents to their children?

In this world maybe you'll see that phenomenon and for me it's a hell. We know that every parents have the good will for their children, but they don't realize that their character makes the children feel annoyed to themselves.

Helicopter parenting is a BIG NO for me and if I have children soon, I'll try to erase that from my mind. I want to give children a freedom and a responsibilities for themselves. I can say that the child who faced a helicopter parenting always feel under control and can't decide what they want to do in her life. At the end, she needs to be someone else and ignore herself. 

Maybe this person will be frustating even she never tell to you. But in fact, helicopter parenting is a hell for children and for adult who have a freak control parents. Not everyone will understand this feeling what the children feel while they are under a parent who dictate their lives. There's no right and there's no personality. You'll feel exhausted to be perfect, exhausted to be someone else. And the nightmares will be double if your parents doesn't have enough money to provide you what you want, you need to be super cute child for your parents and everyone who will treat you good if you do. 

Helicopter parenting will kill the love from the children to parents because they even can't see who is she. Why she should be in this life and for what she is exist. In her mind, she is only a perfect person to build a face of her family. No more. Everything maybe just a mask and nothing special.

So, helicopter parenting is a mess.

Let your children growth and being strong with her own strength.

Just believe in her.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Aloha my blog readers!!!

Thanks again to subscribe my blog and you can subscribe my YouTube Channel : YELNA YURISTIARY too for gain several information about me and Civil Engineering.

In this post I would like to share to you 6 comparison between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

1. QA : a managing tool, QC : a corrective tool
So QA is one of a managing tool for maintain the quality of products. QA is a system built by the company to manage their quality and will be corrected by QC.

2. QA : process-oriented, QC : product-oriented
QA contains of several process to achieve a quality goal. In other hand, QC is more product oriented.

3. QA : proactive strategy, QC : reactive strategy
QA is a proactive strategy for reduce the defects and QC is more alike reactive strategy to detect the defects. So if we apply a good QA, there's a chance we will get less defects.

4. QA : prevention of defects, QC : detection of defects

5. QA : everyone's responsibility, QC : testing team's responsibility
To applied QA, all of stakeholders need to put their own effort. For QC, the result will be depend on how the teasting team doing a test.

6. QA : performed in parallel with a project, QC : performed after the final product is ready
QA will perform from the beginning the project till the project finish. QC is a part of checking the quality of project after the products finish.

Saturday, July 25, 2020


Hi guys...

Jadi beberapa hari ini aku itu agak sibuk sama kerjaan. Yah, walaupun aku Work From Home, tapi deadline yang padat bikin aku jarang bersihin muka sebelum tidur. Biasanya itu aku langsung ketiduran pas udah capek dan keesokan harinya timbullah jerawat-jerawat di mukaku. Sebenarnya kulit aku nggak terlalu sensitif tapi kalau nggak dibersihin biasanya akan berjerawat.

Kebetulan aku punya masker kunyit dari YuriBou dan aku mulai pakai. Aku merasa masker ini manfaatnya cukup terasa apalagi kalau misalnya aku berjerawat. Biasanya setelah pemakaian pertama, jerawat yang mau meradang biasanya mulai mengering karena unsur kunyit yang ada di dalam masker ini sebagai anti-inflamasi. Selain itu, masker kunyit dari Yuribou a.k.a Maison d'Belle ini sangat bagus manfaatnya karena bahan organik dan bisa digunakan setiap hari.

Kalau masalah harga, masker YuriBou ini teramat sangat affordable karena masker ini produk lokal dan berasal dari bahan organik yang mudah dijumpai di alam. Varian masker ini ada Turmeric/kunyit, Green Tea, Lumpur/Mud, Gold dan Susu. Kalau favorit aku sebagai orang yang berjerawat, masker kunyitnya memang bagus banget. Walaupun tidak sewangi masker-masker yang lain, aku lebih prefer pakai yang organik ini. Jadi maskernya tidak pakai bahan-bahan kimia di kulit seperti parfum, dll.

So bagi kalian yang mau pesan masker ini bisa DM langsung Maison d'Belle di Instagram mereka : @maisondbelle dan @maisondbelle.batam (bagi pembeli yang berdomisili di Batam).

Kemudian, mereka juga punya akun di Shopee : maisondbelle

Ayo kita semakin cantik dengan produk organik... ^_^

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Hi guys...

This is several times I have different thought from other regarding how to spend money.
I know money is not the real things in our life, but it can caused a big disaster in our life and our mentality.
I have shown several family broke because of financial issues, the children and parents fight each other just for ancestor property, a brother kill his siblings, etc.
Lack in financial side also can hurted the children a lot when they can't fulfill their dreams. Like several parents will be angry while children wanna new pen for her school or just need a computer for writing her dreams.
That is why I have opened my eyes about this issues and always think not to put my children under that circumstances. I don't want my children feel pity of theirselves and also I want them being a person who have pride in their life.

I saw many people living under other people shadow and some of them tear their pride just to get a shade under that person's umbrella. This is a big no no for me because I always think we should have our own competency in this life. So that, we will have our own umbrella. It's okay if that is a small umbrella, at least we are living under our own.

In my life path, I found several people who saw a rich man as a high person and powerful person even their behaviour is a reckless and can't call as human being. I ever saw a woman who raised her sons with gadget only and never talked to her sons heart to heart. I saw they count people based on the money that people have and based on the status.

Sometimes in other side I saw people just come closer to you as an ant comes to sugar. As long as you give them benefits, they will come closer to you. Until now, I really aware of these kinds of person and I feel bad about them. We can't say that they are our friends or whatever. I know some of them and I just be silence watching. Sometimes I thought is not fair to be so cunning to your close peoples. Even they are closed enough to you, you don't have rights to using them. They have their own dream and they tried to reach that. In other side, you just come and destroy their plan and dreams with your ego and laziness. This is can't be tolerate.

I have some suggestions for people who think life is easy because they never face it, don't ever put your burden in other's shoulder. It is not fair for them. Just try to smart financially and never be a lazy person who dreams of popularity without a maximum efforts. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Hi guys...

In this post today I won't share anything about Civil Engineer.
I would like to share about a lonely whale.

This morning I saw a Youtube video about a whale which always making sound with high frequency. People called it by Whale 52 Hz. This whale is quite often found by a scientist and last on 2014, this whale still detected in the ocean.

Generally the whales will give a sound with frequency between 10 - 40 Hz, but this strange whale always gave the sound with frequency 52 Hz. People said that this whale can't hear so that they always giving the wrong frequency. In the ocean, whales will go with their group and because of this whales can't called his group properly, he is alone now.

When I saw a video about this whale, I just feel sad about him.
Not only human can feel the loneliness. The whale will feel the same too.
Even he is strong and powerful, he still feel lonely because can't found his group or friends.
So, when you feel lonely, maybe you can see this whale life.
He always be alone because he can't call his group.
At least we are as human still can found other person in our daily life. You can't imagine what this whale feeling because can't meet other whales in a big ocean.

This is a sad fact I just know within this morning.

This is that whale...

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Trying Make Up after 28 years

Hi my blog readers!!!

Nowadays I am in the phase of trying new things in my life.
Actually this is because on this 2 weeks my sister used to do her Make Up Character for her YouTube content and Instagram. This begin on last Monday I tried to learn how to apply make up on our face.
With her help, I mean she gave me several instruction at that time like which Make Up we can used first and which brush we have to use, I was success to apply Make Up on my face.

But, because this is my first time to apply whole make up by myself, I was wrong in putting shading in my face. I put the black brown shadow on under my cheek bones too much so that my looks in real is more uncomfort to see. At least that is what I feel.

I took several pictures about that make up and I saw the result is awesome on picture. This is several pictures I took during my Make Up Experience by myself.

 This is I made last Sunday...

 This is I made yesterday night before sleep

  This is I made yesterday night before sleep

  This is I made yesterday night before sleep

 This is I made yesterday night before sleep

How do you think?
Maybe next time I can try my own Make Up with more natural looks. ^_^

Thursday, July 02, 2020


Dear all the readers of my blog.

Nice to meet you in this awesome time, event we are on the hard times of COVID.
I believe you are all well and I hope we always be.
On this week I start my new hobbies. Yeah... That is Flower Preservation. Or you can called it by dried flower.
Sometimes I thought this is insane because I am the person who always have new things running in my mind. When somebody asked me about what is my real hobbies, I can't call it because I have so many interest in doing the things differently.

Like, in this week, beside working as general Engineer I should be, I do a hobby which is so awesome for myself. In the lunch time I went out and saw my garden full of grass. But in the middle of that grass, I found some little flower and I thought it is so beautiful.
So ya, I took it, and think to preserved it.
First of all, I think will buy a resin and make a resin art.
But I changed my mind in second and I just put that flower in between a book and press it.
In the middle of the night, I am curious how it will be and I go again, checked my flowers and press it by iron. That is like ironing my flowers.

After I saw the result, I feel so happy to see it.
That flowers looks so beautiful dry and it is so awesome and fit into a craft paper.
I have some idea to put it in frame or make a DIY card.

So, maybe soon I will make that one.
This is some pictures of my flower preservations.
I took that pics on the night time, so maybe not looks so good.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Perbedaan Nilai Index of Continuity dan Drop Test pada Block Integrity Armour Stone

Hai teman-teman semua...

Pada postingan ini aku mau cerita tentang sedikit perbedaan antara Index of Continuity dan Nilai Drop Test pada Armour Stone. Oke jadi untuk istilah-istilah yang berbahasa Inggris disini aku jelaskan secara tidak langsung saja ya.

Oke, jadi Block Integrity itu lebih kepada ketahanan dari armour block dari crack ketika armour stone atau armour block ini dijatuhkan. Maksudnya disini begini, jadi kan dalam pembangunan breakwater atau bangunan coastal lainnya itu ketahanan dari armour stone atau kalau bahasa Indonesia-nya itu batu-batu gede yang ada di tepi laut itu kan sangat penting. Secara nantinya batu-batu itu akan terhempas gelombang air laut yang biasanya itu sangat besar. Jadi perlu adanya ketahanan dari batu-batu yang besar itu. Nah untuk penilaiannya di internasional itu istilahnya dikenal dengan nama Block Integrity.

Untuk menilai Block Integrity itu umumnya orang-orang memakai test drop atau test dimana batu itu dijatuhkan dari ketinggian 3 m ke bawah dan disambut oleh batu-batu lainnya. Nah, pada test drop ini biasanya akan diketahui nilainya tuh. Adapun peraturan internasionalnya itu biasanya mengikuti aturan dari CIRIA SP83.

Namun, di tahun 1989, LCPC itu mengeluarkan test report yang menyatakan bahwa sebenarnya Block Integrity itu juga bisa dilihat dari nilai Index of Continuity-nya. Jadi itu pengambilan value dari Index of Continuity lebih berdasarkan kecepatan suara/sonic velocity. Jadi itu testnya lebih menggunakan alat, dimana alat itu bisa mendeteksi crack yang ada di dalam stone itu sendiri. Nah untuk Index of Continuity itu biasanya nilainya semakin besar akan semakin baik. Untuk nilai ini, biasanya peraturan internasional akan mengacu kepada EN Standard 13383.

Tetapi, dalam pemakaian nilai drop test dan Index of Continuity ini sebenarnya ada kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing-masing. Jadi kedua test ini dapat digunakan berbarengan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal. Hanya saja, nilai Index of Continuity ini tidak terlalu relevant karena crack pada stone itu bisa saja terjadi beberapa hari setelah waktu blast dari armour stone ini. Jadi crack bisa saja terjadi setelah si batu ini diletakkan/disusun di tepi pantai karena crack bisa dipengaruhi oleh water saturation dari air laut itu sendiri.

Nah, Manual Rock yang biasanya dipakai oleh engineer nih, merekomendasikan untuk kita menggunakan test drop untuk melihat Block Integrity dari Armour Stone kita.

Monday, June 15, 2020


Today morning one of my friends sent me several iPrint newspaper (local and international). She sent me an international magazine too and I have an excitement to open that magazine. I thought most of you ever heard about that magazine and my eyes catched a very simple and elegant way how the designer of that books cover their magazine. On the first page they only wrote a simple words with a black background. I am noticing the words and what is the message they want to deliver.

I ever learn in my popular writing class before, the good writer is the person who can deliver their thought even if to un-educated person who read their article. So that, this proverbs can applied to the good graphic designer also. I thought the good graphic designer should have an ability to deliver their message based on their creation. I just feel blessed to understanding what is the point they try to say in that magazine, even I haven't read an article inside.

The big message I got from that magazine is talked about racism in US. I thought racism exist everywhere. Not only a very big country in this world. Even a racism exist in a very small village in unknown place. I ever faced that once. It was not a black and white racism. That is most like religion and race racism. Some majority people sometimes thought their race/religion/origin place/skin color is better than others. Lucky my mom always told me that we can judge people based on their character. Means, we see what they do to theirself and others. So at that time we can see they are good or bad.

Once I growth and now I saw there is no bad and good also. Everyone have their own perspective in life and they will run their life based on that. With that kind of thinking also, you will forgive somebody easily. But, even I understand that, sometimes our ego take over our actions. Sometimes we become annoying and very mean person in front of any other people eyes.

If you think about life in a very big frame, at that same moment you will feel don't care about the things. Life will be like that only. People will be like that only. All bad and good will be exist whatever we have done in our society. This is because all of us are human and have their own thinking and desires. As a human, we should more understand to be human. That's all. Because sometimes I saw peoples who told to the world that they are humans but they can't do what the human should do. They are egoist and don't have shame even to their friends. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Hi all my log readers...
Maybe you remember last time I post about my Kaizen activities target.
Believe me, it's quite bit hard to follow that one for me. At early stage I'm feeling so excited to start. But that feeling was faded slowly and left behind. Now, again I saw myself and I feel a little bit guilty because already made a bad commitment to do some KaiZen activities.

As a human, I again want to try. At least I still have hope to be better daily. ^_^

Okay. In this post I would like to share about what kind of jobs, the Civil Engineering students can get after they finished their study.

1. Work in Construction Sector
This is sure. All of Civil Engineer student can work in construction sector. You can be Employer, Engineer or Contractor in every side of Construction sector. Depend on your path, where you will go. If you joined in contractor sector, you will see the field more than Employer can see. I mean, in your daily life might be you will face several problem which it can develop yourself to be more experience in construction field. If you become Engineer, or sometimes we called as consultant group, you can learn more and sometimes you need to be advance in design. You should know more and more. There's no time for saying I don't know because consultant is like a bridge between Employer and Contractor.

2. Being Analyst at Bank
If you like to study about investment analysist in your college before, maybe you will be a good member for an analyst in the bank or some investment office. I mean you will decide how big the effect of your money to a project. This is not only construction project. You can decide which bussiness will being good based on your investment analysist and financial analysist.

3. Being Investment Analyst for Property Sector
These kind of job is almost same like being analyst at bank. Being an investment analyst for property company made you can decide which step that company need to take for gaining more profit. It is all based on the ROR or MARR you can choose.

4. Work in Manufacture Company
If you have a big interest in Project Management or Quality, maybe working in manufacture company is not a big issues for you. Work in manufacture has a little bit difference with work in project site. In manufacture, mostly you need to apply Value Engineering to increase your optimize your Life Cycle. In project, you need to solve the problem which is more not typical from one to anothers.

5. Work in Oil and Gas Company
In Oil and Gas Company, they need Civil Engineer also as their facility and maintenance people. They need structural engineer too for help them to design their platform. All of their platform need Structural Designer to making sure their operation will not failed in the middle.

6. Open your Own Bussiness
This is all people can do is, STARTING YOUR OWN BUSSINESS. Being a Civil Engineer will help you to manage everything better because you will have the good logical thinking based on the practical phase.

7. Work in Hotel
In hotel, they need Facility Engineer to making your all of building systems working well.

8. Become A Lecturer
If you are the person who likely to share to others, you can be a lecturer. You can teach the next Civil Engineer.

9. Become A Tutor for Some Skilled Courses
This is same like in point 8.

10. Work in Airport
You can work in airport as engineer. You can make schedule for the flight or do some engineer's work there.

11. Work in Marine Company
Marine company work in many port and coastal area. Of course they will need you as civil engineer for doing some marine activity like dredging, reclamation, etc.

So, there's many ways to applied your skill or knowledge in this world. All based on your wish and your path.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Financial Investment Analysis in Conceptual Design Kali Besar Restoration Project Based on Benchmarking Process in Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project

Abstract Research Plan

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which is located in the northern Java. Jakarta is divided into five sections and has a population about 10 million people. The city is the most popular in Indonesia and has the rate of growth of urbanization. The history of the city began with the small city, called Batavia or Jayakarta. The old city (Batavia) is located in the north of Jakarta as a center of Dutch Colonial in pre-independence time. In this region there is a river that has the function as center of city and transportation hub of human activity. However, because of the population growth in Jakarta and urbanization increasing of the city, this area is becoming congested and polluted.
The biggest problems facing Jakarta besides flooding and congestion is pollution of water bodies. From 13 rivers in Jakarta, there is no one worthy as raw water source. One of rivers that no longer have a function as a body of water and raw water provider is Kali Besar. Long times ago, this river used to be inland waterways in Jakarta. But, it change after people evolve urbanization paradigm.
On the other hand, the government has a plan to improve the city and reduce pollution. One of the chosen path is the restoration of Kali Besar River which is the source of the city's history. Lack of budget funds make the implementation of this project stunted and not optimal. Based on these problems, the authors find solutions to attract investors to finance construction work in that project. Investment feasibility analysis will be carried out in Kali Besar restoration project. Value of the investment feasibility analysis will be obtained by using the method Life Cycle Cost, Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
Feasibility analysis research done by applying a comparative study between Kali Besar Restoration Project (Jakarta) and Cheonggyecheon Restoration (Korea). Author choose Cheonggyecheon as benchmarking project because it has function and problem identic with Jakarta.

Special Purpose

Looking at the problem from Jakarta City and its development, this research has a spesific purpose:
a.       Knowing the investment analysis of river restoration project in Conceptual Design River Kali Besar Restoration program (with methods IRR and NPV value).
b.      Knowing Cheonggyecheon River Restoration History as a best benchmarking which applied the same project.

Importance of Research Planned

This research is very important because it gives solution in Indonesia and some other countries are experiencing the same problem (water polluted). Most developing countries are still have major problems such as environmental pollution and city planning. This research is important to provide a solution and settlement overview of the urban planning activities, like a restoration project. River restoration can provide flood protection function (Hwang K. Y., 2004) and measuring the rate of water flow (Park, 2007). River restoration aims to improve the quality and function of rivers and to restore the to support healty and thriving ecosystems. Improved landscapes and views of waterways can increase property values by between 6-8% (TCPA, 2005). Life Cycle Cost Analysis is the important thing to develop investment feasibility to build this project in Indonesia.


... hidup memang tidak seperti hidup
Aku memang bukanlah aku
Camar-camar yang terbang tidak lagi hendak akan hinggap
Karena musim hijrah sejatinya tak pernah beku
Angan-angan pengharapan memang saling menatap dan terungkap
Percayalah kawan, mimpi itu semuanya semu...
(Malam Bersama Angan –Yelna Yuristiary, 2013)

Kakiku masih menekuri tanah kering yang sedikit retak karena tengah dilanda kemarau. Balai bambu yang kududuki kelihatan sudah tua dan rusak di bagian atapnya. Bagi anak-anak seumuranku, balai bambu ini sangat cocok dijadikan tempat tidur siang, tentunya dengan tambahan sebuah bantal di sisi kepalanya. Namun tidak bagi orang dewasa. Kaki mereka tentu tidak akan cukup sehingga mungkin nanti akan menjuntai di salah satu ujung balai-balai ini.
Tepat di bagian atas balai yang ditutupi daun rumbia kering berwarna cokelat tua, terlihat seekor nyamuk yang terperangkap bingung. Hendak terbang keluar dan melepaskan dari atap balai yang mengerucut ke atas, tetapi sepertinya nyamuk ini kehilangan arah. Ia hanya berputar-putar dan terkadang seperti menabrak atap rumbia yang sudah bolong-bolong di beberapa sisinya itu. Sinar matahari yang terik memasuki lubang-lubang itu dan membentuk garis lurus hingga menimpa beberapa bagian bawah balai. Tidak panas, pikirku. Aku merasa sedikit melayang-layang tertiup angin sepoi yang berhembus menyelinap ke bagian bawah atap balai. Mamak yang tadinya tengah membersihkan ikan yang baru saja ditangkap Bapak sudah masuk ke rumah. Bau amis masih tertinggal di halaman. Poni, si kucing belang kesayanganku terlihat bahagia dengan jatah insangnya di siang itu. Aku memejamkan mata, menikmati angin, menikmati bau amis ikan, menikmati wangi putik jambu yang terkadang serbuknya terbang dibawa angin.
Seketika, mobil jeep hitam menerobos halaman barak kami. Deru mesinnya mengaum sebelum tiba-tiba mati dan meninggalkan kepulan debu di jalan pasir yang ia lewati. Dari dalam mobil keluarlah tiga orang pria lengkap dengan rompi hitam yang bertuliskan ANT. Ant? Semut? Tidak mungkin pikirku. Bergegas pria-pria ini menghampiriku yang tengah beristirahat di balai.
“Mana Bapak?” tanya pria pertama yang memiliki perawakan sedikit lebih tinggi dibanding dengan kawan-kawannya.
“Om siapa?” aku kembali bertanya.
“Sudah. Jawab saja. Mana bapakmu,” serang pria kedua yang badannya gempal seraya mengeluarkan pisau lipat dari dalam saku celananya.
Mendadak nyaliku ciut. “Di dalam,” kujawab sekadarnya.
Setelah kujawab pertanyaan itu, kedua pria tadi pun segera bergegas masuk. Tidak sopan, pikirku. Tidak ada berucap salam, apalagi mengetuk pintu. Sedangkan aku ditemani oleh pria ketiga yang wajahnya paling tampan di antara dua teman-temannya. Hanya saja ia tak cukup manis karena malah menyorongkan pisau lipatnya di punggungku. Dingin. Akupun kaku karenanya.
Tidak lama berselang, terdengar suara gaduh di dalam barak kami. Tapi anehnya tidak ada suara Mamak dan Bapak. Entah kemana mereka, pikirku. Pintu sederhana barak yang berwarna putih itupun aku pandangi sambil tetap duduk kaku bersama si pria nomor tiga ini. Terdengar juga pecahan kaca di dalam barak. Entah kaca apa. Kaca piring, kaca lemari, cermin atau apalah. Yang pasti bukan kaca mobil. Ya... Kami tidak memiliki mobil. Satu-satunya kendaraan yang selalu digunakan Bapak adalah sepeda ontel tua dengan stang yang sudah karatan yang teronggok di sudut halaman barak.
Tak lama setelah bunyi pecahan kaca itu, kedua pria tadipun keluar dengan muka yang kusut. Kecewa dan merasa dipermainkan. Setidaknya ekspresi itu yang aku tangkap dari raut dan gerak gerik mereka.
“Nggak ada?” tanya si pria nomor tiga.
“Sialan. Dia kabur. Jual aja anaknya,” jawab si pria nomor satu.
Bergegas pria nomor dua dan tiga memboyongku ke jeep mereka. Mulutku dibekap. Aku meronta hebat. Kedua tanganku diikat di depan. Lima menit meronta, akhirnya aku merasa kelelahan. Diam. Menuruti semua perkataan mereka. Masuk ke mobil. Duduk di jok paling belakang bersama lelaki nomor tiga. Lelaki yang paling tampan.
Mobil melesat pergi meninggalkan barak kami. Tidak ada satupun tetangga yang sekadar melongok siapa yang baru saja datang dan pergi. Apalagi keluar rumah. Mungkin mereka sedang tidur siang, pikirku.
Pohon-pohon ketapang di sepanjang sisi jalan dahannya meliuk-liuk dihembus angin segar. Daunnya berdebu, kotor. Mobil jeep yang kami tumpangi naik turun karena adanya beberapa bagian jalan yang berlubang. Sepanjang jalan juga masih lengang. Hanya ada mas-mas penjual sayur di pertigaan depan yang sibuk mengemasi barang dagangannya. Sepertinya ia juga tidak peduli dengan mobil jeep yang sebentar lagi akan melewatinya.
Selangkah lagi menuju gerbang keluar asrama, mobil kami akan berhenti di pos jaga. Sebelumnya lelaki nomor tiga menutupiku dengan selimut kumal yang bau. Dia bilang aku harus diam. Perintahnya kali ini disertai ancaman dengan pisau lipat yang mengkilat ditimpa cahaya matahari. Aku pun hanya diam di dalam selimut bau. Mobil menurunkan kecepatannya perlahan. Si sopir yang juga merupakan lelaki pertama menyapa si satpam di pos jaga. Ada sedikit tawa sepertinya antara mereka berdua.
Mobil kembali melaju kencang seperti kereta api tanpa rem yang akan melindas apa saja yang mencoba menghalanginya. Jalanan berlubang pun tidak lagi dipedulikan. Aku masih berada di dalam selimut bau. Kepalaku pegal karena tertekuk. Aku menggeram, memberi tanda bahwa aku lelah. Si lelaki nomor tiga menarik selimut itu. Tersenyum, manis. Aku tak habis pikir, mengapa lelaki setampan ini malah menjadi penjahat, si penculik anak.
Lewat kaca mobil yang buram dan berbaret halus, aku menerawang ke luar. Tempatnya sudah berbeda, pikirku. Tidak ada lagi pohon ketapang, kedai kopi sekitaran asrama ataupun sekolahku. Tempat ini sepertinya lebih jauh dari tempat-tempat yang pernah aku kunjungi sebelumnya. Tidak ada juga rumah-rumah di sepanjang jalan. Yang ada hanya perkebunan sawit yang gersang. Satu dua pohon tengah berbuah. Ada juga beberapa tandan sawit yang telah siap dipanen sepertinya. Aku kembali melihat ke depan. Jalanan juga sepi. Di kejauhan terlihat sepasang suami istri yang sepertinya baru pulang dari berkebun.
Mobil jeep belok kanan, menuruni jalan tanah yang tidak beraspal. Di belakangnya mengepul debu yang niscaya memicingkan mata siapa saja yang berusaha membuntutinya. Sekitar 200 meter dari persimpangan jalan tanah tadi, akhirnya kami berhenti di sebuah pondok kecil. Pondok ini terbuat dari anyaman bambu yang cukup rapi. Atapnya ditutupi daun rumbia, sama seperti balai-balai di depan barak, pikirku. Di sekeliling pondok terdapat sebuah kandang ayam yang cukup besar dan kamar mandi darurat. Ayam-ayam mereka juga tergolong unik. Sepertinya ayam kalkun, cirinya sama dengan yang pernah aku pelajari sewaktu di kelas Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam kemarin. Pria nomor satu pun mulai meloncat keluar. Mengetok pintu kayu yang reyot. Tidak lama, menyembullah kepala seorang wanita paruh baya. Ia mengenakan kebaya hijau dan kain pinggang bercorak batik. Tradisional sekali, pikirku. Mereka sepertinya terlibat pembicaraan serius. Sesekali si wanita mengangguk. Entah mengerti atau tidak dengan pembicaraan si pria nomor satu. Bersamaan dengan itu, akupun dikeluarkan dari jeep pengap ini. Ahh... Leganya. Namun aku masih sadar, aku diculik sekarang. Tapi aku tidak lagi meronta. Mencoba menjadi anak baik dan akan kabur jika nanti ada kesempatan, pikirku.
Cuaca sudah mulai gelap membayang. Sinar matahari yang tadi menembus sela dedaunan mulai samar. Langitpun mulai berwarna jingga. Pembicaraan pria pertama dan si wanita dilanjutkan di dalam pondok. Kami dipersilahkan masuk. Hingga larut malam mereka masih asyik berbicara. Kali ini peserta diskusinya ditambah dengan pria nomor dua. Sedangkan pria nomor tiga masih menemaniku di sudut ruangan. Masih mengancam dengan pisau lipat yang tidak begitu menakutkan di malam hari. Mungkin karena cahaya yang menimpanya tidak sebanyak di waktu siang. Aku masih gelisah. Ingin pulang, bertemu mamak dan bapak. Meskipun mereka sudah menghilang dari barak kami tadi siang. Masih saja aku ingin pulang dan mengadukan kejahatan ini ke tetangga-tetangga kami, meskipun tidak semuanya mengenalku.
Aku menggeram, menandakan ingin berkata sesuatu. Si pria nomor tiga akhirnya membukakan plester yang dari tadi siang menutup mulutku.
“Om, saya mau pipis,” laporku seperti seorang anak TK yang baik-baik.
Sekilas pria nomor tiga meminta persetujuan dari kedua rekannya. Si pimpinan komplotan, pria nomor satu mengangguk. Tidak terlalu memerhatikan.
Akhirnya aku dan pria nomor tiga pun keluar dari pondok. Cuaca di tengah kebun karet ini sangat gelap. Satu-satunya cahaya temaram yang ada hanyalah lampu kecil yang tergantung di depan pondok sebagai penerangan halaman sekitar. WC yang kumaksud tidak cukup jauh. Si pria nomor tiga mengantarkanku sampai di ambang pintu WC. Aku masuk. Sebelumnya aku bilang juga kalau aku hendak buang air besar juga.
WC ini sangat darurat, pikirku. Bagian dindingnya yang terbuat dari anyaman bambu sudah rapuh. Keran air aku hidupkan. Sebenarnya aku tidak begitu ingin pipis. Kupandangi setiap sudut WC. Ada satu lubang besar yang ada di bagian atas dinding. Tepat membelakangi pintu yang dijaga oleh pria nomor tiga tadi, pikirku. Aku harus memanjat ke situ. Kususun ember dengan posisi terbalik. Tanganku meraih tepi lubang. Dengan segenap tenaga kunaikkan badanku. Tidak terlalu tinggi, aku sampirkan kaki di bagian kanan lubang sehingga kini posisi badanku setengahnya sudah berada di luar. Suara keran masih berisik. Sebelum melompat keluar aku sempat berteriak sebentar,
“Om, tunggu ya. Sebentar lagi.”
“Iya,” jawab orang di seberang sana.
Hati-hati aku melompat ke sebelah dinding. Di tengah gelap aku mencoba berjalan menjauhi WC dan pondok. Terus melangkah menuruni jalan setapak berjenjang hingga tiba di tengah kebun yang lapang. Di situ tidak ada pohon sawit. Hanya ada beberapa pohon kapuk di pinggirnya dan rumput yang beberapa tumbuh setinggi pinggangku. Menyeramkan, pikirku. Namun aku harus pulang. Jauh di seberang lapangan ada pondok kecil juga. Sepertinya tidak ada penghuninya, pikirku. Di belakangku suara orang berteriak-teriak. Suara pria nomor tiga dan dua rekannya. Cahaya senter mereka terlihat seperti kunang-kunang yang terbang kesana-kemari.
Kupercepat langkahku. Terkadang kakiku juga tersangkut tanaman puteri malu yang berduri. Tertusuk duri, sedikit sakit. Tak apalah. Yang penting aku bisa lari dari komplotan orang jahat ini. Aku menuju pondok gelap itu. Pondok yang berbentuk rumah panggung ini sudah cukup reyot. Sepertinya sudah lama ditinggalkan pemiliknya. Di bagian dinding juga telah dililit batang tanaman merambat. Atapnya juga dipenuhi sampah dedaunan yang jatuh dari pohon-pohon di sekelilingnya. Tangga menuju terasnya juga sepertinya tidak lagi dapat dinaiki oleh orang dewasa. Baguslah. Setidaknya aku dapat bersembunyi di balik pondok ini.
Aku melangkah, menuju bagian belakang pondok. Ada satu triplek lebar di belakangnya. Sudah uzur sama seperti pondok ini. Tidak jauh di belakangku kudengar si penjahat-penjahat tadi masih mencariku.
“Kemana dia?” teriak satu diantara mereka.
“Mungkin kesana,” jawab yang satunya lagi.
Sedangkan aku masih menyelip diantara dinding pondok dan triplek tua yang ada. Seketika karena saking takutnya aku ingin pipis. Tak banyak berpikir, aku akan pipis di sini saja. Di tempat persembunyianku. Pipis di celana saja, pikirku.
Sambil jongkok aku pipis di celana. Hangat. Namun aku sedikit heran, kenapa hangatnya menjalari hingga kedua betisku. Padahal aku sedang jongkok saat ini. Tiba-tiba kakiku ditarik salah satu penjahat ini.
“HEI KAMU!!!” aku terkejut.
Sesaat aku sadar, aku bermimpi. Kubuka mata segera. Cahaya terang membuatku silau. Mamak sudah berada di depanku dengan muka yang masam. Apalagi kalau bukan karena aku kencing di celana. Aku hanya tertawa konyol.
“Bangun. Bersihkan itu dengan itu,” ucap Mamak seraya menunjuk air kencing dan air ember yang ada di teras barak kami.
Secepat kilat aku duduk dan mulai menuruti apa perintah Mamak. Di dalam hati aku sangat senang. Aku tidak diculik.

TITIPAN HUJAN (pernah terbit di Harian Riau Pos)

Jalanan kota bertuah ini masih becek karena hujan semalam. Kemarin sore, Pak Junaidi menyuruhku untuk mengantarkan proposal ini ke tempat salah satu kenalan lamanya yang kini tengah mengurusi perusahaan karet. Ia membekaliku dengan upah Rp100.000, itu semua tidak termasuk uang konsumsi dan transport.
Memang, usaha yang dibuka Pak Junaidi tidak dapat dikatakan usaha besar. Namun, jika ditinjau dari peluang ke depan, usaha yang digelutinya cukup menjanjikan. Sebenarnya aku bukanlah anak buah Pak Junaidi. Saat itu aku tak sengaja bertemu dengannya di salah satu rumah makan tempat aku bekerja sebagai pelayan. Sejak saat itu ia sering mempekerjakan aku di luar jam kerja.
Tepat di samping salah satu travel yang berwarna biru, aku berhenti sejenak. Memperhatikan kalau-kalau masih ada lowongan kosong untukku. Namun, belum sempat aku bertanya, si supir langsung saja melarikan mobilnya. Aku pun hanya terdiam melihat mobil itu dengan tatapan kosong. Hmm…
Tak jauh dariku ada sebuah travel lagi yang pintunya masih terbuka. Sepertinya masih ada lowongan untukku. Sambil bergegas menuju pintu travel itu, aku perhatikan nomor polisi kendaraan itu. Cukup unik BM 8956 FU. Aku pun naik dan memilih duduk di dekat pintu. Karena, menurut pengalaman, aku akan selalu muntah jika bepergian jauh.
Aku pun duduk dengan tenang sembari menunggu penumpang yang lain. Karena, sopir travel ini segera tancap gas jikalau penumpang memenuhi travel ini. Dari jendela aku dapat menghirup udara segar yang dapat menahan aku agar tidak pusing selama dalam perjalanan. Di sebelahku ada seorang pemuda yang sepertinya sedang serius dengan ponselnya. Aku mengamatinya lekat-lekat.
“Eeheemm…,” aku berdehem untuk mengalihkan perhatiannya.
Pemuda itu menoleh dan tersenyum simpul kepadaku. Ia sesaat menilik pakaianku, kemudian sibuk kembali dengan ponselnya. “Abang mau ke mana,?” tanyaku.
“Nggak ada. Jumpa teman,” sahutnya. Aku tersenyum saat melihat gerak-geriknya yang sepertinya sedang dilanda kasmaran.
“Teman apa teman?,” godaku kepadanya.
“Hehehe… Nggaklah, bang. Emang abang mau ke mana?,” tanyanya berbalik kepadaku.
“O… Ini. mengantar proposal,” sahutku sambil tersenyum.
“Memang abang mau ketemu sama teman lamanya, ya?,” tanyaku kembali.
“Nggak sih, bang. Kami udah lama kenalan lewat internet. Dan sekarang kami janjian mau ketemu. Katanya dia nanti menunggu di restoran ToraTori.”
“Oh… Kalau boleh tau, temannya cewek atau cowok?,” tanyaku kembali.
“Ehm,,, cewek bang…”
Aku tersenyum mendengarnya. Aku pernah merasakan apa yang ia rasakan saat ini. Saat itu aku berumur 18 tahun dan berjanji dengan seorang siswi yang sekolahnya bersebelahan dengan sekolahku. Memang, masa-masa sekolah adalah masa yang paling indah. Hingga saat ini aku masih mengenangnya.
“Abang mau ngantar proposal ke mana?,” tanya pemuda itu.
“Hmm… Saya kebetulan disuruh bos saya ke kantor temannya di daerah Bangkinang”.
Tak terasa travel ini telah penuh dengan penumpang. Dan sepertinya supirnya telah bersiap-siap untuk berangkat.
Selang beberapa detik, semua pintu telah ditutup dan si supir hendak memasuki travelnya. Namun, dari depan travel tampak seorang ibu tua yang memanggil sopir travel ini. Si supir pun turun dari tempatnya dan menghampiri ibu yang tengah sarat membawa kantung belanjaan yang cukup banyak jumlahnya. Dari kaca travel yang bening aku dapat melihat keduanya berbicara sangat serius.
Kadangkala ibu tua ini melihat ke arah travel dan sepertinya memaksa si supir untuk melakukan sesuatu. Sekitar lima menit lamanya si sopir dan ibu tua ini merundingkan sesuatu. Kemudian, mereka berdua berjalan ke arah travel bersamaan. Kemudian si sopir membuka pintu yang tepat berada di sebelahku.
“Maaf, Pak. Bisa turun. Soalnya ibu ini ada kepentingan yang harus berangkat cepat,” si supir berkata kepadaku.
“Lho… Kok saya yang turun?,”tanyaku.
“Ya, Pak. Siapa lagi? Tolonglah, Pak. Ibu ini harus cepat sampai ke rumah. Anak-anaknya masih kecil-kecil, Pak,” si supir masih membujukku.
Mendengar alasan yang satu ini aku tak mampu bicara lagi. Bagaimanapun aku dapat merasakan apa yang ibu ini rasakan saat ini. Sama seperti perasaan ibuku ketika aku masih kecil mungkin. Hmm… Lagi-lagi aku kembali ke masa lalu. Saat dimana aku merasa tenang berada dalam pelukan hangat ibu. Saat itu aku tak mempedulikan apa yang harus aku kerjakan untuk menyambung hidup. Tak seperti sekarang. Sebenarnya aku masih ingin melanjutkan sekolah sampai ke perguruan tinggi. Namun, kini ibu telah tiada dan begitu juga dengan ayah
Aku segera turun dari travel. Walaupun sedikit kecewa karena tak dapat berbincang lagi dengan pemuda di sebelahku tadi. Sebenarnya aku penasaran tentang siapa gadis yang hendak ia temui. Aku menoleh ke belakang sesaat dan disana tampak travel-travel lain yang sedang menunggu penumpangnya. Aku bergegas dan naik ke travel itu. Tak butuh waktu lama untuk menunggu travel penuh karena aku adalah dua penumpang terakhir yang masuk. Dan, travel ini mulai melaju di Jalan Raya Pekanbaru-Bangkinang. Di sebelahku duduk seorang mahasiswi yang sepertinya baru saja pulang dari kuliahnya. Segan rasanya mengajak ia berbicara. Ada baiknya aku diam saja.
Hamparan sawah dan ladang-ladang memenuhi sisi jalan ini. Apalagi saat kami sampai di daerah Kualu Nenas. Tampak banyak para pedagang yang menjajakan keripik nenas dan buah nenas segarnya. Mereka senantiasa menjual buah-buah nenas ini dengan harga yang relatif murah. Dari nenas kemudian pemandangan alam berpindah ke ladang-ladang karet milik masyarakat. Travel terus melaju di jalanan yang basah. Sepertinya baru saja hujan mengguyur daerah yang kulewati ini. Dari tempat duduk aku dapat melihat kaca depan mobil ini. Sepertinya perjalananku masih jauh.
Duapuluh menit kini, aku dilanda rasa bosan. Aku tak lagi nyaman menikmati perjalanan ini. Punggungku terasa sakit karena terlalu banyak duduk. Dari dalam tas cangklong lusuh yang tengah aku sandang, aku mengambil sebuah buku catatan kecil. Didalamnya ada terselip bolpoin biru.
Aku mencatat semua apa yang kurasakan. Orang-orang kebanyakan bilang bahwa saat ini aku sedang menulis puisi. Namun, aku sama sekali tak pernah berpikiran seperti itu. Aku sama sekali tak berpikiran untuk menjadi sastrawan atau apalah. Saat ini aku hanya menyalurkan apa yang ada di pikiranku. Tiba-tiba…
Travel yang kutumpangi berhenti. Sebelum melihat keadaan sekitar kumasukkan catatan kecil dan bolpoin itu ke dalam tas cangklongku tadi. Sesaat kulihat bagian depan kaca mobil travel ini. Tepat diarah jam sebelas, ada sebuah mobil yang reyot di bagian sampingnya. Sepertinya mobil ini baru saja mengalami kecelakaan. Supir travel yang kutumpangi langsung turun tanpa memperdulikan kami. Sepertinya ia ingin tahu apa yang terjadi. Dari dalam mobil, kuamati lekat-lekat mobil yang naas itu.
Sepertinya aku mengenalnya. Tapi, kapan? Tak sengaja mataku terpaku pada nomor polisi kendaraan itu BM 8956 FU… Hah… Sesaat aku terperanjat. Mobil itu berwarna putih dengan garis biru di pintunya. Bukankah itu mobil yang nyaris aku tumpangi? Dan saat ini posisi aku tergantikan oleh ibu tua tadi. Ya Tuhan… Ingin rasanya aku sujud syukur. Namun, mengenang kejadian yang baru saja terjadi, aku juga dilanda nelangsa. Bagaimana keadaan anak-anak ibu tua itu? Bukankah mereka masih kecil-kecil? Dan, bagaimana dengan teman si pemuda tadi yang sedang menunggunya di restoran Tora Tori ?
Aku termenung sesaat hingga supir travel yang kutumpangi kembali masuk seraya berkata, “Semua penumpang dan supirnya meninggal. Aku kembali terperanjat. Malang benar nasib mereka. Apalagi sebelum kejadian itu aku sempat menggantikan posisiku dengan ibu tua tadi. Dan, aku juga sempat bercerita dengan salah seorang penumpangnya.
Kembali travel yang kutumpangi melesat cepat dan tak lama setelah itu aku telah sampai tepat di depan kantor temannya Pak Junaidi. Aku langsung masuk dan tak butuh waktu lama untuk menyerahkan proposal ini. Seusai dari kantor temannya Pak Junaidi, aku melangkah keluar dan seketika terbaca olehku “Restoran ToraTori”. Hmm… Aku teringat pemuda malang yang baru saja kutemui.
Aku melangkah masuk dan mengamati sekeliling. Di ruangan ini hanya ada tiga orang. Seorang pemuda dan gadisnya ada di salah satu meja. Dan di salah satu meja tampak seorang gadis belia yang sepertinya sedang menunggu seseorang. Langsung kuhampiri gadis itu dan berkata,“Kamu menunggu siapa?”
Gadis itu hanya terdiam sesaat dan kemudian berkata, “Aku menunggu teman dari Pangkalan Kerinci. Sekarang dia dalam perjalanan ke sini dari Pekanbaru”, sahut gadis belia itu. Aku mengangguk perlahan dan kemudian berkata ‘’ Apa kau sebelumnya belum pernah bertemu dengannya?”
“Hah… Belum”, jawab gadis itu heran.
“Kalau saya boleh menyarankan, lebih baik kamu sekarang pulang dan mendoakan agar pemuda yang kamu tunggu-tunggu itu.”
“Memang, kamu siapa?”, tanya gadis itu penuh selidik.
“Aku bukan siapa-siapa. Namun, percuma kamu menunggu pemuda itu. Dia sudah tidak ada lagi di dunia ini. Baru saja travel yang ditumpanginya kecelakaan dan semua penumpang serta supirnya meninggal dunia”, sahutku.
Seketika hening menyelimuti restoran ini. Dan tak terduga, si gadis belia meneteskan air mata dan membasahi pipinya yang pucat pasi mendengar berita dariku. Mungkin berita itu titipan dari hujan yang sejak kemarin mengguyur kota bertuah ini.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Sometimes we think we need to do a very big steps to have an extra-ordinary succesful life.
But in some steps, we will stuck on laziness and it will bring us to the deep  stagnan life.

Do you ever hear about KaiZen?
This is kind of a good knowledge Japanese bring to the world and these KaiZen approach lead some multi-national company to their successful stories.
Today I was listening a podcast regarding this and it made me realize that KaiZen is really important for our life.
In KaiZen, we can do something which is better for our life continously.
No need to do that for long time on the beginning. Just took couple of minutes on your life for doing good things daily, with the same time and same periods, it will gave you a huge impact on your life.

Let me explain it to you.
For example if you're a lazy people who don't like to do exercise, you can start to do a very small exercises daily, like 5 minutes every day in the morning after you woke up. Do it everyday without any distraction and you'll feel something different happens on your life.
You'll feel better day by day and there's a possibility you'll increase your exercises time you have.

These kind of KaiZen can apply to whole of side of our life. For being more healthy, smart, clean, and for girls, to being more beautiful we need to apply KaiZen methods.
Of course cleaning our face every nights after whole day make up, cleaning it, apply toner, serum, vitamin and night cream will gave a huge impacts for our fair skin.

For boys, these KaiZen methods also help us to being more smart and bold as a guy. Reading books/ articles daily can makes us be more wise. In other side, these kind of things will increase our skills and knowledge too.

So, after I realize about these methods, from now on I tried to make my KaiZen Goals. Now I only have 5 KaiZen Goals :
1. I want to do exercises after woke up in the morning every day. 5 minutes daily.
2. Before lunch time, I will do small exercises again 5 minutes daily.
3. Every day I'll spend 15 minutes for learning new languange. Nowadays I learn Japanese and re-call my French ability.
4. At night time I'll spend 1 hour for reading any books or any articles.
5. Every day I'll spend 1/2 hour for writing my blogs or writing my nouvel/poems. Anything I want to write.

So, this is my KaiZen Goals, soon maybe it will increase. ^_^

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Wise in Choose The Appropriate Dredging Contract

This article is a resumed from "Managing Risks : How to Select the Appropriate Dredging Contract" a paper has been prepared by the Central Dredging Association (CEDA) Working Group on Effective Contract Type Selection (WGECS), TERRA ET AQUA

So, I'll make a simple resume for you to more understand how to be wise in choosing the appropriate dredging contract.

There are 6 main steps in choosing a dredging contract :

Step 1. Project Basis (Scope/Owner Requirements)
At this step, first we need to considered type of our dredging. Is that a maintenance dredging, capital dredging, land reclamation, coastal protection or offshore/seabed dredging. 
After we know it, we can prepare the dredging elements like doing preliminary studies which include surveys (multibeam, hydrographic, soil, environmental, UXO - Unexploded Ordnance, underwater installation/infrastructure, archaeological, morphological. Then we can start to prepare design, engineering, permits and financing design.
Then on the third step of project basis we can prepare the execution elements such as contract management requirements; monitoring; inspections; surveys; and research internally.

Step 2. Packaging of Work
In this step we can make WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for our project. We can see what type of dredging we need, the available capacity or expertise; elements of projects and how we bundle outsourced elements. In some area, due to lack of material, we need to double think about how to manage our equipments and materials. We need to thinking more about the risk which we will face if we outsourced some elements.

Step 3. Risk/Opportunity Analysis
After we understand enough about what we do and what we need, we can start to analyze the risk. Nowadays, some company already used ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) for analyze the risk of their project.
In general, we can do risk and market analysis for our project. Considering technicala, legal, financial, geographical, spatial and safety elements is one of important things we can do. We need to know client knowledge/expertise level and know who is best suited to manage the various types of dredging and other aspects of risks. We can accept or avoid the risk. When we avoid, at that time we invite the insurance for accept our risks. Surely, the decisions will taken based on some deep analysis. At this stage also we need to know when or how to involve contractors.

Step 4. Contract type selection
At this step we need to know well the type of contracts according the risk and analysis we got from step 3. At the bottom table, there's some characteristics, responsibility allocation and boundary conditions for several contracts.

Step 5. Procurement Method
At this step, we start to prepare and evaluate design; awarding on price/quality (value for money). On this stage, the output of a value engineer is important. Because they will choose which method based on the comparison between value and cost. On this procurement method we will decide contract management and tender procedure. A good market analysis, including an estimation of the equilibrium of demand (for services) and supply (of providers), is very useful in procurement.
At this stage, we need to legally required to follow public procurement procedure, private tendering procedure. After following both of that procedure, we will get results : a contract with or without prequalification, competitive dialogue, BAFO/ Best and Final Offer, Negotiation. After that only we reach the next level is Contract Award. In some cases, there's no negotiation so that we can reach Direct Contract Award.

Step 6. Procurement process leading to contract award
After we reached the Contract Award, then the next things to do are:
- Relying on quality management and certificates of the contractor;
- Monitoring systems or mankind control of amounts or constructions;
- Independet inspection to be hired.

Here I attached the flowchart of this 6 steps.

In general, there's 5 key aspects we can consider while we choose the dredging contracts. That 5 keys aspect are:

1. Project Scope

2. Physical/environmental site conditions

3. Risk Allocation/liabilities

4. Owner's control/contractor's flexibility

5. Time&Schedule

6. Price and valuation

Okay, hope this resume can help you!!! :) 

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