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Friday, November 13, 2020


Even we are not living in an old time, there's several people who are really care about what others doing in their life.

I saw these kind of people sometimes and make me really feel uncomfort. I am the person who like to avoid such a mess and everything who is not good for my life. That is why I'll choose the place where I stay and work which is very comfortable for me. I intend to avoid all of kind dramas in life and leave peoples who loves them. For me living is simple as that. Life is not for impress the others with what you have. Life for me is more your own comfortable stage. Once you reach that level, I believe some narrow minded people will think that you're weird.

For some people, they intend to living in a calm place, not working and just sitting at home and even not doing anything unless just playing their phone with non-productives activities. The things are when they tried to compare their life by us, by saying that they are a family people who intend to stay close with family, in my mind I am not sure with that.

Maybe they are just simply lazy by doing nothing and sitting at home.

For me actually these kind of things is doesn't matter to me. But, once they try to disturb my life by their comments, at that time I feel pity on them. 

Everyone has their own choice in their life and each people doesn't have any right for judging.

Just take care your own life and try not to be burden to the people you called 'family' is the real love form. Being burden and still said that you love your family?
So, just be silent and be nice to a man-kind existance surrounding yourself.

So, you all my readers, how do you think?

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